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§ha§ha ƒuиky §hake™ ([info]zellywellywoowo) wrote,
@ 2008-04-28 16:04:00

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Current mood: sleepy

Can't really tell how im feeling right now. Happy...definately. excited...yes....nervous? you bet. Regardless I feel great. I left my phone at home...im hoping for some texts and such....I hate when a day goes by and no one says anything to me :(

Anyway im off, Doctor Adair keeps looking over my shoulder and it's annoying me lol. I am in a good mood despite the shitty weather btw.

And colleen LOL @ ur response i was expecting you to REALLy say something about it but what u put just made me LOL.

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2008-04-28 11:29 pm UTC (link)
no one ever calls my phone either. only Kerwin.
it's because i don't usually hang out with people :p

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2008-04-29 12:12 am UTC (link)
i dont hang out too much either but they know that and some still try to get me to hang out and i DO on the weekends sometimes but i been BLAH for the last 4 years.

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