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§ha§ha ƒuиky §hake™ ([info]zellywellywoowo) wrote,
@ 2008-05-07 12:38:00

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Current mood: hyper

Reagan ;P
So Brendon's Bday was on Monday (cinco de Mayo) along with creepy's bday. I went to work, went to Over the border or w/e it's called across the way for a quick Mexican celebration with Charlie, Octavia, Tabby and Atilya then rushed over to the Rhodeside Grill in Clarendon for Creepy's bday. His friends and gf are AWESOME. Then I was going to go home assuming Brendon had plans for his bday and I didn't want to bother him. Well he calls me up and says he is tired and will celebrate it on Thurs at this place by his house and asks me to spend the evening with him so i do.

The next day we spend the ENTIRE day outside. Ate lunch outside, went to a park and layed in the grass for a couple of hours, walked around then went to see Ironman. Ironman is fucking AWESOME. it's so sexy and I may be biased because i have always been a HUGE fan of the comics when I was younger but it's pretty fucking good. Robert Downey Jr did an AWESOME job at playing Tony Stark.

Brendon didn't want me to go home so we went for a drink after the movie and back to his place and I stayed there again and went right to work from his place. 1 full day and 2 nights with him. It was amazing, he is such a perfect gentleman. So sweet too. right before bed we watched soem Cowboy beebop which surprised me...didn't know he liked things like that :)


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