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§ha§ha ƒuиky §hake™ ([info]zellywellywoowo) wrote,
@ 2008-06-01 16:54:00

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Current mood: drained

Weekend Update with ZELLY
I really just checked in to read everyone elses entries today. BUT now that im on I might as well tell you about my weekend.

Aside of what i already blogged about for yesturday, last night was kind of a wreck. I went to DC to hang with Brendon. I met with him and Pat at some place for dinner. It was nice, i love Pat he's really funny. During Dinner, tabby and caitlin are calling me talking about plans to go hang in dc. Tabby changes her mind, brendon is tired so i tell cailtin not to come and i bail on arhtur and matt. well Tabby changes her mind, i call cailtin and tell her to come and still bail on amtt and arthur because tabby and matt were kind of hookin up and tabby was gonna be with her new guy so i didnt want drama.

Well Brendon and I go back to his place, he passes out cuz he works 12 hours a day 7 days a week and I tell him to sleep till they arrive (which was supposed to be a half hour later) Well when Tabby or Caitlin say a time, add an hour or 2 ALWAYS. so they come over 2 hours later when brendon is still passed out and im getting sleepy and sketching him sleeping out of boredom. He wakes up to go out, we all go to this place around the way and had a good time. Caitlin is her usual promiscuous drunk and happy self, Tabby and Nick are doing their thing and me and Brendon are chillin till cailtin dissappears and comes back with ARTHUR AND MATT....I was like OH....NO. Luckily Matt wasnt his typical asshole self, he asked me a few questions, got over it and enjoyed himself despite the fact that Tabby and nick wouldn't take the dicks out of eachothers asses.

Anyway me and brendon leave, Arthur apparently broke up with Lori which was a SHOCK. he is a swinger, so was she and they were perfect for eachother given his personality and the things he does, she never minded cuz they were both open minded. I NEVER seen him get that bad so he got tore up, threw up and passed out pretty much. he was not in a good place.

The sex afterwards was really good too haha SAY WHAT?

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2008-06-02 06:01 am UTC (link)
What, you and Brendon did the wild thing?

(Reply to this)(Thread)

2008-06-02 06:01 am UTC (link)
Guess who, yeah that was me!

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2008-06-02 04:19 pm UTC (link)
lmfao yeah if you dont tell me who you are i assume its my friend colleen. Yeah we BEEN doing that, its always phenominal lol.

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2008-06-02 07:02 pm UTC (link)
Us too, ha ha =)

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