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User:zuleika (98387)

Do not think it wasted time to submit yourself to any influence which may bring upon you any noble feeling.



'Look out any window. Look out any open door.'
Interests:111: airplanes, angels, animals, archiving, art, ballet, beatles, bible, blogging, books, bridges, bunnies, cats, charles bronson, children, christianity, civil war, classic rock, cold war, computers, dogs, ebooks, england, famine, films, flowers, germany, guinea pigs, guitar, hamsters, hawaii, hippies, history, hitler, holocaust, horses, humor, internet, ireland, irish holocaust, jacqueline bouvier kennedy, japan, jesus, jews, jill ireland, jimi hendrix, john f. kennedy, john lennon, journals, judaism, justice, korean war, lakes, led zeppelin, literature, lord bothwell, mark twain, marlon brando, mary, mary magdalene, mary queen of scots, mice, michael collins, middle east, military, miracles, mountains, music, mythology, native americans, nazis, new age, news, northern ireland, nureyev, ocean, old west, photography, piano music, poetry, politics, prayer, quotes, race relations, rats, reading, religion, rivers, roads, rock, romance novels, russia, saints, sami frey, san francisco, shakespeare, spirituality, terrorism, trance, trees, ukraine, united states, usa, userpics, vietnam war, war, west, writing, wwi, wwii, yeats
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Free User

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