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Roy Harper/Red Arrow ([info]i_can_hit_that) wrote in [info]dc_heroes,
@ 2011-04-07 18:07:00

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Entry tags:"welcome to khandaq", huntress, roy harper

Intervention! (Helena)
Helena was going to be cooking him dinner for a month after this.

He punched out the fourth Khandaqi guard he came across, dropping him in a single blow. Roy was being careful not to kill anyone, because that would start an international incident, and America could ill afford that. Of course, rescuing Helena from a psychotic dictator would achieve the same thing, but it was a matter of principle. He just hoped Adam hadn't decided to take any liberties with Helena during her incarceration.

He'd arrived three days ago in Qurac, and quietly set about procuring ground transportation (a camel) and provisions to make the trip across the desert. The advantages of living with a Native American medicine man paid dividends as Roy made his way across the terrain over the next couple of days, moving a bit slower than he wanted in order to avoid patrols. The last thing he needed was to be caught inside the Khandaq border; of course, that might also mean he got the cell next to Helena's.

But if he got locked up, there was no way to get them out.

Finally, inside the the palace, Roy kept to the shadows, sneaking room to room, hoping to find Helena's.

Unfortunately, he thought he heard someone coming around a corner and ducked into the first room with an unlocked door that he found.

Closing the door quietly, he noted that this room was warmer than most, but that wouldn't matter. He just hoped he hadn't walked into Black Adam's sauna.

He turned around.

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2011-04-07 10:59 pm UTC (link)
Helena was sleeping, but not deeply enough to miss the door opening and closing. Someone was entering her room in the dead of night. It couldn't be Adam. He wasn't the sneaking type.

Slowly she reached over and grabbed the water pitcher on the night stand. Whomever it was, if they got close enough Helena would bash their head in.

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2011-04-07 11:09 pm UTC (link)
The room was dark and Roy knew the heat was coming from the desert. He didn't want to hurt whoever was in here, but he had to figure out where Helena was.

He approached the bed, unaware of the water pitcher not being where it was only moments before.

"Excuse me." Roy says, in his broken Khandaqi.

"I am seeking a friend."

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2011-04-07 11:11 pm UTC (link)
The water pitcher was in motion and heading quickly for the person's head.

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2011-04-07 11:22 pm UTC (link)
Later on, Roy will admit that walking into a dark room with a woman in bed and leading of by telling her that he is looking for a friend was an ill-conceived plan.

He barely sees the arm move and barely gets up on one of his own as the pitcher slams into the side of his skull.

"OW SHIT!" he yells, hitting the ground.

Oh, Helena was going to have to do more than cook now to get out of this.

"Are you crazy?!" he whispers harshly at the person.

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2011-04-07 11:25 pm UTC (link)
That voice. She knew that voice.

Oh no!

"Roy?" she asked as she knelt down to help him.

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2011-04-07 11:54 pm UTC (link)
Roy's still a little woozy, but he knows Helena's voice when he hears it.

"Helena? Ow! What was that for?" he asks, rubbing the side of his head.

"You okay?" he asks.

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2011-04-07 11:56 pm UTC (link)
"What the hell are you doing here? Who sent you?" she demanded.

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2011-04-08 12:01 am UTC (link)
" 'Hi Roy! I'm so glad to see you! Thank you for saving my shapely ass from a tyrant and crazy dictator. I'm going to cook you dinner when we get home, but let me grab my things so that we can get on the road

Oh, and I'll show you the quickest and nearest exit out of here that won't get us killed.'
" Roy says, imitating Helena somewhat.

"'Oh, and I'm sorry for trying to take your head off. I'll kiss that better, too.'" he adds.

"Now, since I'm sure that's what you /meant/ to say, I'll just pick up the conversation from there.

No problem, Helena. Let's get out of here before the guard I knocked out wake up and decide to inform their boss." Roy says.

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2011-04-08 12:03 am UTC (link)
"You're being an ass," she said bluntly. "Why /are/ you here? Who sent you?"

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2011-04-08 12:10 am UTC (link)
"Helena. I'm not sure if you picked up on this, but you're being held by a fascist dictator of a foreign nation against your will. I heard about this and, being your friend, decided to come and get you.

You know, since Black Adam basically told your other friends to leave or he'd throw them in prison." Roy says.

"Look, we're wasting time. You can be mad at me when we're in the US okay?"

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2011-04-08 12:15 am UTC (link)
Helen folded her arms across her chest. "Look, Roy. I agreed to stay here for a week. I'm /not/ being held against my will and I gave my /word/ that I would stay. So I'm not going anywhere until that week is up. Understand?"

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2011-04-08 12:48 am UTC (link)
Roy looked at Helena has if she'd grown a second head, and that second head joined the first head in speaking Biaylan.

Roy does not speak Biayalan.

"Helena...you can't stay here with him. What makes you think he'll honor /his/ word to let you go? First, it's a week, then it's a week and a day, then...suddenly you're here as his 'guest' until he says otherwise." Roy says, reaching out to take her hand.

"I know you're big on keeping your word and that's great. It's one of the things I like about you, Helena. But this...this is is crazy.

Black Adam has never played fair in his life, and I don't think he's going to start now."

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In the Dungeons...
2011-04-09 03:22 am UTC (link)
Roy awoke with a splitting headache to world that swam around in his view. Crap, he could have a concussion. He would know in a minute.

"This...went differently...in my mind." he says to no one in particular.

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Re: In the Dungeons...
2011-04-09 03:25 am UTC (link)
Helena stood outside his cell with her arms folded across her chest. One could almost see the steam coming out of her ears she was so angry with one Roy Harper.

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Re: In the Dungeons...
2011-04-09 03:33 am UTC (link)
"This is either heaven or hell. I'm really hoping it's heaven, because I have the mother of all headaches and I don't want to be yelled at.

And when you yell, you make Dinah's Canary Cry sound melodic." Roy says.

"So, how are /youuuuu/ doing, Pretty Lady?" he asks, trying on his best charm school smile.

He tries to ignore the steam coming out of her ears.

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Re: In the Dungeons...
2011-04-09 03:35 am UTC (link)
"I believe the proper thing to say to me is 'Thank you Helena for saving my sorry misbegotten life'. With a proper amount of groveling of course."

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Re: In the Dungeons...
2011-04-09 03:44 am UTC (link)
"You know what's funny? That sounds a /lot/ like what you should have said to me when I showed up to rescue you! Minus the part about the 'misbegotten life'." Roy says.

"Seriously, I came here out of concern for you, Helena? Why didn't you just leave? And why don't you use your pull with tall, tanned and over-muscled and get me out of here?" Roy asks.

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Re: In the Dungeons...
2011-04-09 03:47 am UTC (link)
"I didn't need rescuing, Roy Harper!" Now she was yelling. "I was /fine/! More than fine! I was actually enjoying my time here until you came and ruined it!"

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Re: In the Dungeons...
2011-04-09 04:02 am UTC (link)
"Okay, if you were /enjoying/ being a prisoner, then you're in need of a lot more rescuing than you think, Helena. This guy is a whackjob with the powers like Superman! Do you think he's just going to let a beautiful woman like you walk away from him after a week?

If he threatens me to keep you here, you tell him to blow himself and run for it." Roy says.

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Re: In the Dungeons...
2011-04-09 04:10 am UTC (link)
"He would have, Roy! Some people do keep their word and he's one of them!"

Helena shook her head.

"You're leaving tomorrow morning. I want you to go home, pick up Lian and give her the biggest hug you can and be thankful you can still do that."

Lian was the biggest reason Helena agreed to marry Adam. She couldn't bear the though of Lian losing her father. Especially if Helena could help it.

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Re: In the Dungeons...
2011-04-09 04:14 am UTC (link)
Roy looks at Helena, now, not liking how she knew he was going home with such certainty. The only way she'd know that is if Adam told her, and he was pretty sure that Adam wouldn't just let him go out of the kindness of his heart.

See the name "Black" Adam.

"Helena...what did you do?"

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Re: In the Dungeons...
2011-04-09 04:17 am UTC (link)
"It doesn't matter Roy," she said. "What's done is done and you will go home in the morning."

She looked at him for a long moment and then started to walk away.

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Re: In the Dungeons...
2011-04-09 04:29 am UTC (link)
"Helena! Don't walk away from me. Whatever he made you promise, you don't have to give him. Not for me or anyone. I'd rather take my chances in this cell." Roy says.

"What did he make you promise?" Roy asks again.

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Re: In the Dungeons...
2011-04-09 04:32 am UTC (link)
Helena paused for a moment and then continued walking.

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Re: In the Dungeons... - [info]i_can_hit_that, 2011-04-09 04:34 am UTC
Re: In the Dungeons... - [info]crossbowvixen, 2011-04-09 08:04 pm UTC

2011-04-10 05:14 pm UTC (link)

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