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A Lunch Date With a Redhead @ 06:04 am

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Arthur had been looking forward to this since they had made plans the last time they had lunch. Thankfully he had been keeping busy and hadn't had much time to count the days until he saw Mera again. Things with his wife, ex-wife, were hopeful. Arthur wanted nothing more than to be with her again and he didn't even care if it were in Atlantis or not. She was what mattered, nothing else.

He sat in the small bistro in Metropolis sipping a beer. There was still ten minutes to go until the scheduled meeting time and he didn't mind waiting. Having a cold beer was a good way to pass the time, though he had to stop looking at the clock every few seconds. Time was not going to go any faster.

The League had reformed. Arthur didn't think it would considering the events leading to its disbanding, but he was happy they were back together. Even if Batman had already left. There would always be someone else to fill the spot.

Sub Diego was coming along nicely and didn't require all of his attention these days. Things were shaping up and life was settling down in the underwater city.

Arthur was a man at ease at the moment.

Wild Night @ 02:03 pm


Lian was so happy to go spend the night with Dinah for 'Girls-Only' night that she almost forgot to hug and kiss Roy goodbye. He couldn't help but feel a little miffed at that, but it was good to see his daughter happy all the same. They'd spent a couple of months together, just the two of them; having his little girl feel smothered wasn't what he was shooting for.

He thought about hitting the streets tonight, but it was early yet and he was hungry. Lian had also refused his offer of dinner, since Dinah was making chili. So Roy drove home, changed into a black button-down shirt, some slacks and black dress shoes, and headed out to Top Gun Bar & Grill in Coast City. He loved the place and hadn't  been there since he returned to the States. Hal used to hang out there a lot as well, so Roy thought he might catch up with him there if he waited long enough.

Hal rarely left the bar without company and Roy had to admit that he wanted to watch the master at work again.

He parked his Ford Explorer and killed the engine, then got out and walked into the bar. Seeing a pool table open, he decides it wouldn't hurt to get his game back in gear, and starts racking the table. He orders a Coke  and some chicken wings to start, then gets to work on perfecting his shot.

Star City after school @ 06:51 pm


The second she got out of school, Mia made her way to the youth center where she'd been volunteering at. While she always enjoyed going and spending time with the kids, today she was looking forward to it just a bit more than usual.

Today, Conner was flying after he got done with school for the day to help out.

She was enjoying spending time with him. He was a lot of fun, and he was a nice guy. It was a nice bonus that he was cute too.

When Mia got to the youth center, she waited outside for Conner.