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heroes_misc ([info]heroes_misc) wrote in [info]dc_heroes,
@ 2010-12-26 00:20:00

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Entry tags:"tides of change", aquaman, martian manhunter, mera, news report, superman

Extra! Extra!
SUB DIEGO – The citizens of Sub Diego have elected their first mayor. There were two candidates on the ballot, but the winner from a successful write-in campaign is Arthur Curry. The world knows him as Aquaman. Mr. Curry was unavailable for comment and refused to be interviewed. What does this mean for the future of relations between the United States and the sovereign kingdom of Atlantis now that a former Atlantean king is now the mayor of Sub Diego. Is this the start of an effort by Atlantis to annex the sunken city? CONT PAGE 2A

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2010-12-26 06:01 am UTC (link)
News of the surface world filters down to Atlantis in a reasonable time, but from Sub Diego it swam as if on the fins of barracuda. Arthur's new status reached Mera in record time, and she was hard pressed to find only one emotion in reaction to it.

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2010-12-26 06:13 am UTC (link)
Arthur had thought that Lorena was joking when she told him the results of the election. It couldn't have been true. No one in their right mind would elect him for a position when he hadn't been running in the first place.

It would hit the propellers soon enough.

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2010-12-26 07:52 pm UTC (link)
Clark was at the Kent Farm for breakfast, when Jonathan leaned forward and held out the Los Angeles Times (the Kents read every major paper they could get their hands on). "He won! Your friend won his election!" Jonathan exclaimed.
"You mean Aquaman dear" Martha corrected him (she was an expert on all things superheroic). She was cutting out weekly stories concerning Clark, Conner, Kara, and anyone else she had a soft spot for (like J'onn).

Clark held back the urge to laugh at his parent's banter. "Good for him...and Sub Diego...bad for Mera" he quipped, smiling widely at his friend's good fortune.

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2010-12-27 04:49 am UTC (link)
John Jones enjoyed reading the headlines as he got coffee and a doughnut for his breakfast. He managed not to grin.

I told you, Arthur, he thought to himself.

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2010-12-31 01:09 am UTC (link)
Bruce has Lucius call Wayne Enterprises attorneys to make sure that the company isn't about to run into an ethics investigation with Arthur's new position.

Bruce is pretty sure that Arthur would have mentioned something like running for mayor during their conversation, so this has to be as much of a surprise to him as anyone else.

Still, he's happy for his friend and knows that Diana probably is as well.

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2010-12-31 01:11 am UTC (link)
Hal can't help but grin at the news of Arthur's electoral win. He was going to have to get out to Sub Diego and get a tour.

Maybe Arthur would give him a key to the city, even.

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2011-01-06 07:51 pm UTC (link)

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