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Community Information

Below is information about the "Tokyo Streets - a Japanese FASHION community!" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:tokyostreets (18609)
Name:Tokyo Streets - a Japanese FASHION community!
Theme:Japanese Fashion Community

♥About Us♥

The world is watching the pinnacle of style and fashion through the eyes of young Japanese women.
Ganguro, kogals, gothic lolitas, oshare kei, decora kei, sweet lolita and plenty of other styles have won the hearts of many Asian women as well as the hearts of many AMERICAN women here in the United States.
Join us and divulge yourself in luxury, it's time to model your best Japanese fashion inspired looks on the streets of Tokyo!

♥Community Rules♥

1. Please keep all posts on topic.
Yhis is a community celebrating and enjoying Japanese fashion, no Dior or Gucci talk in here, ladies.

2.Please be courteous to other members.3.Images larger than 400x400 pixels must be placed under a cut, and please, no hotlinking!
Not everyone has a high-speed internet connection. Additionally, the layout of egl will not retain it's intended shape if images above 400x400 pixels are posted. Please place all larger images, and any image after the first, behind a lj cut. Images, including artwork, should be of good visual quality. Images should not be hotlinked.

4.Explicit content posts must be placed completely under a cut and bear a "NSFW/18+" disclaimer above the cut.
Images and content cannot contain minors in suggestive positions or in any state of undress. This community does not advocate child pornography, and so unless you can prove that people in extremely suggestive images are over 18, please do not post said images.

5.Please do not advertise other communities without mod approval.
If you have a community that you think would be appropriate to advertise in [info]tokyostreetsplease contact any of the available mods for approval.

[info]diaochan --> Miharu-chan
[info]peachgirl --> Yuna-chan

Interests:20: boys style, colorful hair, country lolita, decora kei, egl, ganguro, goth, gothic lolita, kana, kogal, makeup, mana, oshare kei, punk, rock, sweet lolita, tanning, vintage, walolita, yamanaba
Maintainers:1: diaochan
Members:2: diaochan, luvotomy
Watched by:2: diaochan, luvotomy
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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