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User:reaperxiii (24913)
Location:Jonesboro, Georgia, United States
Bio:Let's see. For starters I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy ever minute of it. I'm crazy creative but there is not filter between my brain and my mouth , so prpeare for a lot of non-squetirs. Oh yeah and I have lousy typing skills. I like to think I'm an inteligent , charming , funny , devishly attractive ibnduviual. But hey , I'm sure you can find someone who'll dsiagree with me. I'm a vidoegame aholic (Not that there's anything wrong with it) and Kingdom Hearts tops my lists as greates game of all time. At least it would if it weren;t for Metal Gear Solid. Or as I like to call it METAL GEAR AWSEOME!!!

(sigh) You know what , maybe this is why I'm still single.

I'm currently involed in Microbiolgy at Gerogia sate Univesrty , so I'm a bit of a biolgy nut. But don't say it in my face. I have acces to 12 of the deadlist bacteria known to man. AND THERE IS NO ANTIDOTE!!!

P.S: I lied. Or did I? MUHAHAHAHA!!
Interests:14: 80's movies, 80's pirate ninja, and moutain dew., guitar hero, i like, kingdom hearts, led zepplein, linkin park, metallica (rocks!!!), movies, ninja movies, pirate movies, van halen, video games in general
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

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