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User:_last_cigarette (27002)
.x. Full moon in the dirty sky .x.
.x. Full moon over dirty hearts .x.
Website:Live Journal
Location:Hell, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:AIM status ODeathComeNearMe (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status Ammadukes (Add User, Send Message)

Is there another reason for your stain?
Interests:84: 80's glam, 80's hair bands, acid, alice in chains, angelina jolie, anger, axl rose, being a lesbian, being alone, being broken, being doubtful, bisexuals, broken heart, bruises, cheesecake, christina aguilera, coke, comedy, country music, cursing, death, depression, dimebag, doom metal, dreaming about death, dreaming about her, drugs, dying, emptiness, exstacy, falling inlove, feeling sad, freddy vs jason, god, goth metal, guns n roses, hating myself, hating you, hayden panettiere, heartache, heroin, house, hugs, hurting, johnny depp, kisses, knives, kurt cobain, layne staley, lindsay lohan, listening, loving no one, make-up, making out, marilyn monroe, mind games, missing my ex, missing you, movies, music, my name is earl, nicole richie, nightmares, nirvana, noelle, pain, painkillers, pantera, phil anselmo, pills, pink razor blades, power metal, romance, scary movies, scissors, screaming, shrooms, sleeping, suicide, the office, wanting to die, weed, women, you
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Communities4:above, lovestruck, necroholic, uploads
Member of:4: above, lovestruck, necroholic, uploads
Account type:Early Free User

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