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User:acid (15593)
Do I Need My Dreams?
Because I'm happy in reality
Website:Past Destiny ~ Story I'm writing right now. Please comment!

acid. I'm a leo, aquarius rising and taurus moon. I like attention and talking about myself. I'm not much of a journal person so I'll proably only write about special stuff like my dates with [info]sync.
get addicted. I'm a freshman in college and madly in love with my boyfriend. I'm a major romantic, so I love anything that's cute and sweet. I have two cats but always wanted a dog. I love the color red and love personality tests a lot. I'm open and friendly. I don't like insults though, so please be nice to me and those I love.
take a trip. I love making friends and hope to get to know lots of people. I'm writting a story right now and would love some reviews and comments. Check out my webpage, hope to hear from all of you. Uh, that's really it. I hope to make lots of friends on this site.

Interests:32: acting, chocolate, comments, cuddling, dates, dogs, emulators, english classes, europe, ff4, ff6, going out with friends, golden sun, history, horoscopes, jokes, kittens, making people laugh, musicals, my best friend, my boyfriend, oldies, pizza, pokemon (kind of), rainy afternoons, reading, romance anime, romance novels, sunny days, tarrot cards, theater, writting
Account type:Early Free User

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