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User:airissword (25742)
Interests:51: 36 crazyfists, acid bath, alice in chains, anti-obama, anti-yuri, as i lay dying, atreyu, bleed the dream, bleeding through, blindside, bullet for my valentine, candlemass, celldweller, coal chamber, cold, course of nature, d grayman ost, dead poetic, deadstar assembly, draconian, emery, fiona apple, from autumn to ashes, garbage, glass pinata, haste the day, he is legend, hinder, iron maiden, katatonia, kill hannah, lacuna coil, lake of tears, my dying bride, nine inch nails, nothingface, november's doom, pantera, papa roach, scary kids scaring kids, sentenced, showbread, skid row, stone sour, the almost, the cruxshadows, the cure, tristania, unloco, vampire knight ost, zeromancer
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

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