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RocketBear ([info]anezakim) wrote,
@ 2009-11-12 13:56:00

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(ooc: Here's a link to the player list. Here's a link to the sign up post.)

Hello all!

I’m Anezaki Mamori and we’re putting on a football tournament here in Traverse Town: the Traverse Bowl!

If you are interested in participating, please form a team of three players and reply here. You are not allowed to form teams with people from your own world especially you Youichi!.

For those who are not familiar with football, I have included a set of rules and terminology bellow (for those that are familiar with the sport, these have been altered slightly to best fit teams of three).


1-      No special extraordinary powers or talents are allowed to be used (aka no magic).

2-      No hitting or fighting or other intentional injury of other players.

3-      No attacking the audience.

4-      All players must be wearing properly attached pads, helmets, and uniforms.

5-      The game ends when one team manages to score a total of nine points.

6-      Points are scored by a touchdown (3 points) or by a successful kick through the field goals (1 point).

7-      At the start of a down, all players must be facing off with someone from the opposing team.

8-      At the start of a down, with the exception of the quarterback, all players must stand 2 yards away from the line of scrimmage.

9-      After the start of a down, the defense team cannot cross the line of scrimmage until one of the following happens:
+The ref calls ‘time’ (three seconds after the start of the play)
+The ball crosses the line (either thrown or carried)
+The ball touches the ground
Defense players are allowed to approach the line of scrimmage.

10-  Down starts when the quarterback calls ‘hut’ and picks the ball up off the line of scrimmage.

11-  Down ends when one of the following occurs:
+The ball carrier is pushed out of grounds
+The receiver misses a catch and does not touch the ball
+The ball carrier is tackled
+A touchdown or field goal is scored

12-  Ball possession is initially decided by a coin toss after that it changes when one of the following occurs:
+The ball does not advance 5 yards in two downs
+The team with the ball scores
+The ball is intercepted or stolen
+The ball is picked up by the other team after a fumble
+The team with the ball fails scoring a field goal

13-  The line of scrimmage starts in the middle of the field after scoring or at the start of the game.

14-  For a kick, defense team must stand 10 yards back, but they are allowed to start running when the quarterback calls ‘hut’. The kicker cannot move until the quaterback calls ‘hut’.

15-  Tackled is defined as follows: when any part of the ball carrier’s body that is not their hands, feet, or ankles touches the ground.

16-  Players are allowed to change position during the game.


Quarterback: a player position. This is the person who starts the plays, they can pass the ball, or hand it to a runner, or carry it themselves.

Receiver: a player position. This is the person who runs beyond the line of scrimmage and tries to catch a thrown pass.

Kicker: a player position. This is the person who kicks the ball for field goals.

Ball Carrier: the player currently holding the ball.

The Line of Scrimmage: the imaginary line on the field that passes under the ball at the start of the play that divides the teams.

Touchdown: is when the ball is either caught on the other side of or ran across the endzone line. It is worth three points.

Endzone: The large rectangular area marked at the ends of the field by orange cones.

Field Goal: is when the ball is kicked through the goal posts. It is allowed to go over the goal posts.

Down: is just a fancy name for the turn the offense has possession of the ball. You get two downs before possession is changed.

Offense: the team that currently has possession of the ball.

Defense: the team that does not have possession of the ball

Here's a picture of a starting formation on the field:

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2009-11-13 04:52 pm UTC (link)
I've never heard of football before but it sounds like fun! Can I join?

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2009-11-13 06:36 pm UTC (link)

You need to go two find two other people that are interested and form a team. When you've done that, please come back here and tell me.

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