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User:ben_rapp (24819)
Name:Ben Rapp
Website:Filing Cabinet
Location:Bronx, New York, United States
Bio:Ben Rapp started writing for the Bronx Siren in 1934. He's since covered New York City crime, the Spanish Civil War, and the Great War in Europe. He's written for Playboy Magazine, and once drank Ernest Hemingway under a table in a bar outside Seville.

Ben Rapp is a character in The Corpse Corps
Interests:9: america, blondes, brunettes, franklin delano roosevelt, journalism, my fists, redheads, scotch, war
Schools:None listed
People8:ben_rapp, corpse_files, magda_horowitz, martystantz, mr_e, neversaydie, theredman, viola_sienko
Communities4:corps_ooc, corps_report, corps_rp, corpse_corps
Friend of:6: ben_rapp, corpse_files, magda_horowitz, mr_e, theredman, viola_sienko
Member of:4: corps_ooc, corps_report, corps_rp, corpse_corps
Account type:Early Free User

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