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User:magda_horowitz (24917)
Name:Magda D. Horowitz nee Eriksdotter
Website:Filing Cabinet
Location:Armed Forces Americas, United States
Bio:I don't actually exist.

Magda Horowitz is a character in The Corpse Corps
Interests:8: america, batman, chesterfields, coca cola, dead nazis, guns, pulp fiction, whiskey
People8:ben_rapp, corpse_files, magda_horowitz, martystantz, mr_e, neversaydie, theredman, viola_sienko
Communities4:corps_ooc, corps_report, corps_rp, corpse_corps
Mutual Friends:6: ben_rapp, corpse_files, magda_horowitz, mr_e, theredman, viola_sienko
Member of:4: corps_ooc, corps_report, corps_rp, corpse_corps
Account type:Early Free User

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