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User:boxer_ferret (9720)
Interests:48: 1492: conquest of paradise, 3:10 to yuma, a good year, alex o'loughlin, american gangster, aubrey, aubrey/maturin, aubrey/maturin series, baseball, bettany/crowe, bud white, cats, cinderella man, cinema, cockatiels, computers, csi, css, fanfiction, gardening, gladiator, hms surprise, horatio hornblower, hornblower, icons, jack aubrey, la confidential, m&c, master and commander, moonlight, movies, mst3k, patrick o'brian, paul bettany, perennials, photography, photoshop, ridley scott, rps, russell crowe, russell/paul, slash, star trek tng, starsky and hutch, the insider, tofog, xena, xena: warrior princess
People2:jimmy, news
Account type:Early Adopter

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