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User:casrin (19158)
[insert witty title here]
Bio:I am empathic and cynical, so I suppose that makes me a realist. I like being around people, but in small doses. I joke that I'm a 12 year old in an adult's body because - as you'll see in my interests - I tend to like toys, comic books and the like.

I do not like to write bios about myself, so you'll have to get a sense of me through my interests and entries. The journal itself is friends-only, though.


Interests:130: acting, aerosmith, airtime, american gladiators, amusement parks, ashla knights, atari, batman, ben kenobi, billy barty, bob seger, bon jovi, books, brandon buddy, bruce wayne, cedar point, celestine prophecy, coasterbuzz, coffee, comic books, community theatre, computers, count of monte cristo, creativity, dan millman, dark chocolate, darth vader, dean koontz, desperate housewives, dhct, disney, disneyland, dreamfinder, eeyore, emily dickinson, empathy, epcot, faith, famous dave's, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, figment, forbes march, force academy, frollo, grey jedi, halloween, harry potter, henry cavill, holiday world, ic mocha, icons, infj, internet, intuition, jacqueline carey, james redfield, jedi, jedi realism, jimmy buffet, journey into imagination, joy, juggling, king's island, kotor, kushiel's legacy, kyle katarn, las vegas, lightsabers, livejournal, lj, married with children, meditation, michael keaton, michigan's adventure, mickey mouse, millennium force, mr bean, musicals, mysticism, norman bates, obi-wan kenobi, one life to live, people watching, photoshop, piano, pinky and the brain, poetry, pogo games, quantum leap, queen, ralph waldo emerson, reading, revan, rod stewart, role-playing, roleplaying games, rollercoasters, romanticism, rpg, science fiction, self-awareness, shih-tzu, shivering timbers, spirituality, star wars, stephen king, subsonic radio, synchronicity, tao te ching, taoism, the bates motel, the beast, the celestine prophecy, the drew carey show, the force, the golden girls, theatre, transcendentalism, traveling, truth, vergere, video games, village people, wal-mart, walt disney world, wisdom, writing, zen
People3:news, sapharin, system
Friend of:1: sapharin
Account type:Early Free User

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