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User:crazielacie (13047)
Interests:131: ace, aeropostale, american idol, baking, basketball, beaches, being in love, belly rings, best friends, big brother, black and white photography, blue, boots, bubble baths, candles, children, chris daughtry, clothes, cooking, cosmopolitan, country music, court tv, crabs, cuddling, dancing, diamonds, dirty dancing, disney world, dogs, dreaming, dreams, dvds, eeyore, family, fishing, fleur de lis, flip flops, flordia, football, friends, grape, grey's anatomy, gumbo, hanging out with friends, haunted houses, hoodies, hot tubs, hugging, hugs, italian food, jet skiing, jewelry, kids, kisses, late nights, long term relationships, love, love and basketball, love stories, making love, malls, manicures, margaritas, massages, memories, michael jordan, money, monkeys, movies, music, my birthday, myspace, nascar, new england patriots, new orleans saints, new york, nike, pasta, pedicures, photography, pictures, pizza, planes, prison break, private practice, purses, reading, reese witherspoon, relationships, ripped jeans, road trips, romance, roses, seafood, sex, sex on the beach, shoes, shooting stars, shopping, shot glasses, shrimp, silver, sleeping, snickers, snuggling, softball, starbucks, strawberries, subway, sunflower seeds, sunrises, sunsets, superbowl, sweet tea, swimming, taco bell, taking pictures, tanning, texting, the biggest loser, the notebook, tom brady, trampolines, traveling, true friends, vacations, victoria's secret, white tigers, winnie the pooh, writing, zoos
People3:crazielacie, fiasco, vanitycase
Account type:Early Adopter

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