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User:vanitycase (12536)
Name:мѕ. мікα ღ → ℓіνе, ℓαᴜɢʜ, ℓоνе

мікα ♥ 24 ♥ мαᴎʜαттαᴎ
іᴎѕαᴎеᴊоᴜᴙᴎαℓ → ναᴎітусαѕе
ℓіνеᴊоᴜᴙᴎαℓ → ℓоνеαвіℓіту
Interests:42: a&e, aeropostale, apple cider, baseball, bath and body works, bubble baths, bubble gum, caramel macchiato, celebrity gossip, chocolate, cigarettes, cookie dough ice cream, csi ny, diamonds, dvds, eeyore, flip flops, gossip girl, graphics, hoodies, lipgloss, makeup, making graphics, milkshakes, mlb, monkeys, movies, music, my cellphone, pasta, pink, sephora, sex and the city, shopping, starbucks, strawberries, tennis, the hills, the new york yankees, victoria's secret, ,
People10:batmanda, bitch, chop_chop, crazielacie, dziahilevas, funk, heartcanttakeit, news, prettyparadox, system
Communities2:bedtalks, usernames
Account type:Early Adopter

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