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User:dglenn (11018)
Speaker For The Diodes
Website:D'Glenn's Miscellany
Location:Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Bio:I'm a musician, photographer, programmer, science fiction fan (and filker), medievalist, Christian mystic, and sometimes essayist, who also happens to be transgender and suffer from fibromyalgia. Folks don't often realize how shy I can be, because they see how conspicuous I am and mistake that for fearlessness.

You can learn more about me by looking at my web site, which includes a somewhat out-of-date bio that I posted to alt.transgendered many years ago (which focusses on gender issues), along with a bunch of not-about-me material that some folks have found useful (some short definitions pages folks like to link to, my descriptions of interesting musical instruments, some music tutorials, an article about cooking at Pennsic without bringing an ice-chest ... go explore!). Or you can look at my LiveJournal favourites page, where the "Myself" heading has links to posts where I talk about myself (including a "100 things about me" entry). I've also set up a LibraryThing account, so if you're feeling nosy you can peek at the wee fraction of my library that I've gotten around to cataloging there so far.

I play in The Homespun Ceilidh Band (if one of those words is unfamiliar to you, it's pronounced 'kay-lee'), a nine-piece pan-Celtic fiddle band with a Scottish emphasis, playing mostly dance tunes, in which I mostly play rhythm guitar. We have released two CDs, Spinning Reels (out of print as of the most recent edit of this profile, 2007-03-02, but being remastered -- email me if you want to be notified when the new version is released -- if you're reading this close enough to the time I wrote it, you may be able to get one of the last few copies of the first version at CD Baby) and Home with the Homespun Ceilidh Band (which you can order from CD Baby or from the band's web site). We're currently recording a third album, this one a selection of music from the American Civil War (yes, a bit of a shift from our usual repertoire).

I'm also a former member of the band for Thrir Venstri Foetr, an English Country Dance group, where I played guitar, recorder and double bass, and I really do intend to re-join that group any month now. (Some of you may recall that I was once music director; I stepped down and ceded that job to </a></b></a>[info]maugorn some time ago.) If you're within commuting distance of College Park, MD, come learn English Country Dance with us, or maybe join the band.

And I occasionally play with the Beltway Early Music Band, a mixed consort in the Washington DC area; and the Society for Early Music in Baltimore, a recorder ensemble/club. Both groups emphasize early music (i.e. Bach and earlier) but have been known to mix in a little modern music, or later folk tunes.

In the past, I played drums, bass, mandolin, and guitar in the East coast band, Wild Oats (not to be confused with a West coast band of the same name), which released one CD, A Few Brief, Shining Moments, after breaking up; and I have played bass guitar for a few DC-area community-theatre groups (not recently, but I do hope to find time to get back into that again).

I'm still working on've gotten sidetracked from setting up an online portfolio for my photography -- I do plan to get back to that -- but some of my work can be seen here, here, and here, and more can be found in back issues of The Pentax Users Gallery (scroll back a little to see the whole list). While my focus is on "art photography" ("I've got a pretty picture; wouldn't you like to buy a copy for your living room?"), I'm also available to shoot portraits, pets ("petraits"), weddings, concerts and festivals, clothing and other merchandise, etc. I prefer shooting candids rather than posed, given a choice.

I'm shy, but generally friendly. If you're passing through central Maryland, pry me out of my cave so I can meet the folks who read what I write. Really. I have lots of friends, but I'm terribly about getting out to see anyone, so my social life consists almost entirely of people I rehearse and perform with. (My 2013 New Year resolution is to change that.)

New entries here are mirrored from DW and to IJ, and Blurty.

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Interests:64: "friendly", arisia, available light photography, bach, baitcon, balticon, bass guitar, bdsm, bondage, books, celtic music, chastity belts, cheese, chocolate, classic rock, cognac, computers, cooking, darkover, double bass, early music, echo's children, english country dance, erotica, filk, freedom of speech, garb, gratuitous hugs, guitar, hp3000, infrared photography, linux, ljmaps_dglenn, macos, mahler, mandolin, markland, mead, medieval, music, odd music, oud, pentax, photography, polyamory, polyamoury, recorder, renaissance, sca, science, science fiction, science fiction conventions, science fiction fandom, scottish music, snow, stout, swords, the homespun ceilidh band, three left feet, thrir venstri foetr, thunderstorms, trs-80, unix, vivaldi
Schools:Bowie State University - Bowie, MD
University of Dallas - Irving, TX
People3:jimmy, news, system
Also Friend of:1: eurypon
Account type:Early Adopter

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