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User:flight__ (18674)
plus one
Name:scary boy robots
Website:modern love.
Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Interests:82: accidental stabbing, adding tildes where unnecessary, adult swim, anthropologie, atlanta, being the world's biggest bitch, ben shaken & his junior high drama, benjamin disraeli, brock samson, brock samson: big ball of feelings, brock's fancy shirts and hats, brock's fascination with fancy cakes, casablanca, charo, cheer up sad pancakes!, cinnamon gum, cookies, dancing in the bathroom, david bowie, deathmance, diet coke, elimidate is cancelled?!, etiquette, everything has to suck for brock, fashion, george clooney, hairspray: the musical, harry potter, history, house md, humphrey bogart, i guess i am a canon nazi, johnny zydeco, junebuggin' it, lady draculas being fictitious rly sucks, languages, law, led zeppelin, leonard cohen, linguistics, making brock endure emotional turmoil, mariacarla boscono, mocking marxism, molotov cocktease, molotov's magic clothing, monsters!, mrs lovett, mrs. robinson, murder as an answer to all problems, my ridiculous phone, oh my god what now, paying a guap, penn and teller, playing texas hold 'em with stalin, pourquoi????, pretending to buy a mclaren, project runway, russia, senate, silk scarves, simon cowell, sneaky angel, sorry your life sucks pancakes, space spiders, speedsuited charms, surprising molotov with experience, sweeney todd, t. coraghessan boyle, t.s. eliot, talking about people behind their backs, the anti-monster brigade, the sarah silverman program, the venture brothers, tom waits, too-loud ipods, too-small cookie shirts, ugly betty, unintentionally funny purple prose, wondering why buttsex is so popular, your face, your mom, zesto
Schools:None listed
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Free User
Date created:2008-03-18 01:58:22
Date updated:Never.
Clients used:
Journal entries:0
Comments:Posted: 0 - Received: 0

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