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User:genocidexxx (13283)
Location:Concord, North Carolina, United States

I'm impossible to forget, but I'm hard to remember.

I'm Raquel Alice; I also go by Acara or Pixie Stick.
I'm dating this guy named Devin.
He is amazing and a lot better than you.
My TRUE friends are my life; they are my everything.
I'm a senior in high school; I can not wait to graduate.
I am a mall rat & I'm fucking proud. =]
Drugs are a waste of time & money, but I am not straightedge.
I smoke cigarettes too much, but I don't want to quit.
My addiction are piercings & tattoos.
I have five piercings & one tattoo.
Photography & Art are my hobbies; I am an Artist.
Music is AMAZING; I'd be lost without it.
Animals are better than humans.
I support To Write Love On Her Arms; it's an amazing foundation.
Want to know more about my life & myself; add me. =]
Interests:130: , accents, addiction, aim, anarchy, angst, animals, animation, anorexia, art, barcodes, bass guitar, beauty, bisexuality, biting, black, black roses, blood, blood red, blood stained wedding dresses, blow pops, body modification, bondage, books, broken mirrors, bubblegum, candle wax, candles, candy necklaces, castles, cemeteries, chocolate, coloring, combat boots, concerts, converse, cookies, cosmetics, dance dance revolution, death, depression, distruction, drawing, dreams, duct tape, dvds, dyed hair, electric blue, emotional, europe, fashion, fear, fire, fishnets, forensics, ghosts, glitter, glow sticks, gore, guitar, halloween, happy bunny, hatred, headphones, hello kitty, homicide, hoodies, icons, imperfections, insanity, internet, jewelry, joey jordison, jthm, knives, kurt halsey, lighters, lightning, lip gloss, love, love letters, maggots, men, mental illness, mohawks, moon, moshing, movies, music, nachos, night sky, nightmares, pain, painting, panda bears, photography, platform boots, poetry, pon and zi, psychology, rain, rainbows, razor blades, romeo and juliet, running, sadism, sadomasochism, safety pins, scars, schizophrenia, self expression, self-mutilation, sex, shakespeare, sharpies, shiny objects, silver, skulls, sleeping, snapple fuck, spikes, stars, suicide, sunsets/rises, the crow, thunderstorms, tragedy, vampires, violence, writing
Schools:None listed
Friend of:2: __nightwish, piaffe
Account type:Early Adopter

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