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User:godsavethescene (55401)
I saw a spider and I didn't scream
'cause I can belch the alphabet, just double dog dare me
Name:Jess Dubinsky
Location:United States

Student Name: Jessica Seraphim Dubinsky
Nickname: Jess
Birthday: June 19
Hometown: ??
House: Shawnee
Extracurriculars: Gaming Club, Quidditch (Seeker), Movie Club, School Band (Guitar)
Schools:None listed
People17:blueridgemod, bubblegumkisses, chipotle, drtandthewimmin, illdrawyounaked, liquorinfront, lockupyourgirls, manofthehouse, marinebilology, news, sillysyd, stilla_bro, system, taketwo, theuglyduckling, whostheboss, worldsbestmom
Mutual Friends:10: blueridgemod, chipotle, drtandthewimmin, liquorinfront, lockupyourgirls, manofthehouse, sillysyd, taketwo, theuglyduckling, worldsbestmom
Also Friend of:10: brbbs, busyizzy, cricketb, glittermonster, hello_officer, justrude, loonylu, secondgen, slyrhi, thebaby
Member of:1: brfuture
Account type:Early Free User

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