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User:hatinlovinyou (40913)
Name:Stephanie Lynn
Interests:113: accents, acceptence, addictions, angels, angst, antidepressants, anxiety, anxiety attacks, art, artists, asking questions, astral plane, bipolar, body art, books, bookstores, borderline personality disorder, buddism, christianity, chronic illness, church, clinical depression, compassion, creativity, cutting, delusions, depression, drawing, dreams, eating disorders, emotions, empathy, enlightenment, ethics, feelings, forgiveness, graves, grief, happiness, hashimoto's, hypothyroidism, insanity, insomnia, irony, learning, levothroid, love, mania, manic depression, medication, meditation, mental disorders, mental health, mental hospitals, mental illness, mood disorders, mountain climbing, movies, music, mythology, nature, new testament, obsessive-compulsive disorder, ocd, old horror movies, old testament, panic attacks, paradox, past lives, peace, personality disorders, prayer, prayers, psych, psychiatric disorders, psychiatrists, psychiatry, psychologists, psychology, psychotherapy, questions, racing thoughts, randomness, reading, reincarnation, relaxation, religion, road trips, runaways, sanity, sarcasm, scars, self-expression, self-harm, self-injury, sleep, sleep deprivation, slytherin, smut, social anxiety, social anxiety disorder, spirits, stress, suffering, suicide, support, synthroid, therapy, thyroid, treatment, understanding, writing, yoga.
Schools:None listed
People5:freedom_, jimmy, morgan, news, system
Communities2:bitchbook, whispernthedark
Member of:2: bitchbook, whispernthedark
Account type:Early Free User

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