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User:hiddenaway (50432)
Bio:The Pack
Theses wolves are each effected in different ways and to varying degrees depending of age, experience, and whether or not they were born into the pack. So far there are only three of them and they are all natural born wolves. They chose to move to Charlaine together because they were afraid of being discovered.

Lainey Tipton: The packs current leader as she is the oldest and most able to control her form.
Zane Biggs: Dylan's older brother. He can't seem to get rid of his pointy ears and claws.
Dylan Biggs: The packs youngest and most out of control member. He is able to hold his human form but once he switches to wolf he looses control.

The Witches
They have had weird powers that they can't explain since birth. They are both just looking for a place to fit in.

Nic Hodges: A runaway witch, sister to Gabriel Hodges. She can hear inside people's and animal's heads. Her familiar is a Corgi named Bartholomew... he told her that.
Melia Owens: A witch and Cam's cousin and guardian. She can feel magic and sometimes manipulate it to her will.

Demons and other such creatures
They're all just lost souls.

Cam Owens: A half fire-demon child. She was born with the marks on her skin just as they are. Her mother, knowing what she was, was going to drown the girl but her cousin Melia whisked her away before she could.
Bartleby: Cranky goblin who lives on the outskirts of town and babysits Cam when Melia goes to coven meetings.
Devi: Snake demon who had tried to live a normal life in India. She lost control and ate her fiance. After the incident she moved to Charlaine to forget the past and not make the same mistakes in the future.

PBs: Milagros Schmoll, Steven Straight, Tyler Posey, Kathering Moening, Diane Kruger, Bella Thorn, Dru Viergever, and Mallika Sherawat
Schools:None listed
People24:abrelosojos, adrift, agent_anarchy, burningburham, cabbage, castaways, displaced, echooo, ephemera, fleshandbone, fordable, foreverdamned, hiddenaway, insulanpc, inthefreakdom, jools, oftheland, pleasantly, subvertednpc, theothers, thewaters, thewitches, tookawrongturn, wanderers
Communities4:insuladevirsta, insulaooc, subvertedooc, subvertedunder
Friend of:11: agent_anarchy, anastas, fleshandbone, fordable, hiddenaway, inthefreakdom, jools, misc, pleasantly, subvertednpc, tookawrongturn
Member of:2: subvertedooc, subvertedunder
Account type:Early Free User

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