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Community Information

Below is information about the "Subverted Under Out of Character" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:subvertedooc (39039)
Name:Subverted Under Out of Character

Subverted Underground is a semi-private game. We're a group of friends with an insane amount of characters and we like to play together. We play when we want and have no limitations or rules. Sub Under is the result.

Set in the fictional realm of Burnham City and Pleasantview. Some logs and threads may take place in the "real world" (NYC, California, Las Vegas). We do follow the "real world" time-line (for the most part). There are some elements of fantasy, though they remain "hidden."

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Characters | Game Info | Locations

If you have a real interest in the kind of playing we do here talk to the moderator [info]agent_anarchy. There's no application process; though we will only take quality players that we can get along with.

Mod Journal
This game has a sister community: [info]insuladevirsta
Layout by Refuted on LJ, alterations made by [info]agent_anarchy
Maintainers:1: agent_anarchy
Members:13: agent_anarchy, anastas, burningburham, cabbage, displaced, hiddenaway, ifearthemoon, inthefreakdom, jools, misc, pleasantly, sunnygarcia, tookawrongturn
Watched by:15: agent_anarchy, anastas, burningburham, cabbage, displaced, fleshandbone, fordable, hiddenaway, ifearthemoon, inthefreakdom, jools, misc, pleasantly, subvertednpc, tookawrongturn
Account type:Early Free User

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