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User:hika_chan (5375)
Hikaru's journal
The Journal
Is first and foremost a roleplaying one. It is the companion to my Hitachiin Kaoru roleplaying journal.
The Character
Hitachiin Hikaru
the harsher older twin

Height: 178 cm
Zodiac: Gemini
Blood: Type B

Favorite Subjects: Math, Physics, Chemistry
Favorite Foods: Italian

Artist notes: "It's more likely they like to eat some spicy food that other people would never try. On the other hand, they pour syrup over all kinds of food. Somebody we don't want to eat meals with."

"Their personality is just "dry". Ther'll be really into whatever they're interested in, but if they are not interested in it, they're so cold-hearted."

"Unlike Tamaki, their attitude toeards the guests is most likely calculated. They think females are easy to take care of. But they do some childish things once in a while."

Livejournal: miss-novacaine
Insanejournal: kawaii-kaoru
Greatestjournal: mysilentheart
Myspace: addict-for-dramatic

Roleplaying: Hitachiin Kaoru

Writing Journal: through-2-you
Graphics Community: morphine-kissed
Shared Writing Community: thenewcancerfic
Frank Iero Community: ieroism
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide
Interests:17: fujioka haruhi, hani-senpai, haninozuka mitsukuni, haruhi, hikaru, hitachiin hikaru, hitachiin kaoru, kaoru, kyoya, mori-senpai, morinozuka takashi, ootori kyoya, ouran, ouran highschool host club, suoh tamaki, tamaki, tono
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, kawaii_kaoru, news, singalongforme
Communities2:laceupyourshoes, run_baby_run
Mutual Friends:2: kawaii_kaoru, singalongforme
Member of:2: laceupyourshoes, run_baby_run
Account type:Early Adopter

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