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User:hippy_hannah (18293)
(no userpics)
Location:Vancouver, Washington, United States
Bio:Hi. I’m Hannah. I’m a senior at Hudson’s Bay High School, and I’m looking forward to graduating in June. I understand guys better than girls. I’m going to Clark College in the fall to study business and horticulture. I want to own my own floral shop/nursery when I get out of college. I’m a tree hugger, a nerd, a rocker, and a hippy. I love being considered a “loser” because said “losers” are so much more real than anyone else. My favorite thing in the world is smoking weed with my best friend. My other favorite thing is being in love. I am in love with love itself. I love human contact and constantly cuddle with people. I think I would die without touching people. I’ve been a witch for four years, and am a hemp/cannabis legalization activist. I believe we can save the earth with industrial hemp, and that all pot-smokers in the world should feel free to smoke without fear of persecution and the law, as long as they’re not stupid about it. Tenacious D rocks my socks. So does Sublime. I consider Bob Marley the Jesus of his time. My motto on life I got from him: “Don’t worry about a thing, cuz’ every little thing is gonna’ be alright”. I’m an optimist. I like to smile and be happy, and I like to help other people smile and be happy too. I leave you with the ever-loved phrase from Sublime: “I smoke two joints in the morning. I smoke two joints at night. I smoke two joints in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright.” Paz e amore.
Interests:20: animals, anime, bruce lee/brandon lee movies, cannabis, hemp activism, holding hands, kisses on my nose, knives, love, manga, pagan religions, reading, singing, smiles, sunny days, swords, taking walks, the environment, the ocean, writing
Schools:None listed
People3:jimmy, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

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