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User:hosoverbros (8913)
Name:mary's cdj and general randomness
Website:my livejournal
AOL IM:AIM status ParisNymph (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Banner made by me ([info]hosoverbros). Do not take! Layout by way@IJ.
Interests:145: '67 chevy impala, adrianne palicki, alan rickman, alexis bledel, angel, anja rubik, anne hathaway, ashley tisdale, audrey hepburn, beauty and the beast, bella swan, bethany joy galeotti, books, caroline trentini, catwalk, chad michael murray, chocolate, chuck, cintia dicker, claire bennet, csi, danneel harris, dark angel, dean winchester, disney, edward cullen, elisabeth harnois, emma rigby, emma roberts, emma watson, emmett cullen, england, fanfiction, fashion, fashion shows, gemma ward, gilmore girls, greek gods, hamleys, hannah montana, harry potter, heather marks, hello kitty, henry cavill, heroes, high school musical, higher ground, hilarie burton, hilary duff, hiro, hugh dancy, icon making, icons, jake gyllenhaal, james franco, jane austen, jared padalecki, jeffrey dean morgan, jeisa chiminazzo, jensen ackles, jessica alba, jessica stam, john allerdyce, john winchester, johnny depp, josh duhamel, josh hartnett, justin timberlake, katie cassidy, keira knightley, kelli garner, kirsten dunst, kittens, lily cole, lily donaldson, london, love actually, mandy moore, megan fox, michael rosenbaum, milo ventimiglia, mischa barton, models, movies, mythology, natalie portman, natalya pirozhkova, nature, ned, nightmare before christmas, numb3rs, old english, olivia wilde, one tree hill, orlando bloom, oth, paul walker, peter petrelli, photographs, photoshop, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pride and prejudice, pushing daisies, pyro, quentin tarantino, rachel bilson, rachel mcadams, rain, reading, robert pattinson, role playing, roleplay games, roleplaying, rosalie hale, rp, rpg, rupert grint, ruslana korshunova, ryan gosling, sam winchester, shane west, shia labeouf, shopping, sleeping beauty, sleepy hollow, smallville, sophia bush, supernatural, tasha tilberg, the labyrinth, the notebook, the princess bride, the tudors, thunderstorms, tinkerbell, topher grace, transformers, twilight, vampires, vanessa hudgens, writing, x-men, x-men 2, zac efron
Schools:None listed
People4:ludivine, puffed, swansong, underytan
Friend of:5: brodyforprez, im_sirius, ludivine, swansong, underytan
Account type:Early Adopter

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