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User:jesstryst (17574)
Location:Cardiff, South Wales, United Kingdom
Bio:Well I'm just a bundle of f@&!ing joy.
Appearance is just an exterior, there's always more than one dimension.
I believe everyone is unique in their own way.
I believe in respect for respect.
I embrace differences.
This world would be so boring if we are all same.
I don't try to conform; life is too short to be wasted that way.
I love grammar nazis, i hate kReaTiF SpeLLyNg ... correct usage of the language is awesome.
I enjoy making people feel uncomfortable, it delights the fuck out of me.
I'm extremely spontaneous.

If you see me out, you'll recognize me as the one having the most fun.

I'm one of THOSE girls.

I'm friendly, happy, loud, spontaneous, and probably a little bit crazy!
I'm a lover and a fighter.
Family, friends, and love, are the most important things in my life.
My friends are one of a kind. I live and breathe because of them.
I almost always get my way. Don't really know why but my life just happens that way.
I am very family oriented. My sisters are my best friends.
I go to school when I'm not partying.
I could more than likely out drink you on any given day.
I'm the poster child for classy.
I'm extremely stubborn.

I love to go out.

I love to party.

I love my friends.

And I love LIFE.
Interests:39: awkwardness, black nail polish, brand new, chuck palahniuk, chuck taylors, coffee, dancing, deep conversations, eyeliner, flamingos, getting dressed up, getting excited, getting high, hearts, hot pink, inside jokes, intellect, kisses, long hugs, mannequins, mirrors, music!, mystery, not getting dressed up, obscenities, philosophy, photography, pictures, piercings, psychology, questioning things, reading, secret places, sex, skepticism, slang, tattoos, texting, thunderstorms
People3:jimmy, news, system
Member of:2: harsh, thrashground
Account type:Early Free User

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