Jimmy Brancaccio ([info]jimmyuvm) wrote on January 28th, 2009 at 04:15 pm
Reviewed emails from Cristal about the staff pages and some of the other web pages we've made live with some content. Moved some of the content around to the proper places. Had a meeting with Cristal, Nick and Susan about how we're going to do things, work flow and how we should be working as a team, took about an hour or so.

Got Nick setup on the big Canon printers.

Started looking at some more web changes that needed to be made and did the ones I could find. Got some more content and things from Cristal that could be worked on.

Had a meeting with Susan Ryan - 1 hour.

Pretty much spent the rest of the day looking for stock images and just reviewing the afternoons emails and reponding to as many as I could.
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