Jimmy Brancaccio
08 April 2009 @ 04:40 pm
Got in a bit late because the bus was late, decided to drive in, there was an accident making me even more late. Didn't have normal UDL meeting, spent a lot of time rewriting the code Nick had sent me so it wasn't so bloated. Worked on making the PNG file of the PDF for the About Grant @ UVM page, but had some trouble with that. Talked with Nick about putting an image up on the main UDL site, it's almost there, but the image is just a bit too big. Will get him to resize it properly and then I can add it.

Also spent some time looking at other UDL websites and documenting them in my UDL Site list spreadsheet.

Spent 30 minutes working on work logs. I've noticed that my last one was from 3.11.2009. I'll have to try harder on keeping up with them.
Jimmy Brancaccio
11 March 2009 @ 08:53 am
Had a quick Skype meeting with Cristal and Nick. Added the Testimonials under About UDL, although they could definitely be moved or changed (the name) at any point. Had to just get some content up there. Worked on"profiling" various UDL websites and putting the information into a spreadsheet. Uploaded it to the Sharepoint for now.

Printed out some flyers for Nick's presentation tomorrow at MTM. Worked some more on reviewing UDL websites. Will definitely need more content for next week.
Jimmy Brancaccio
05 March 2009 @ 12:04 pm
Finished up the tab code and implementing it. I figure we can safely have 4 profiles there, and what’s there now can definitely be changed but at least it’s some content for the moment. Added in Javascript code for rotating text and started styling it. Added the new images to the staff page. Added some styling to the testimonial page. Had the morning meeting. Worked with Nick to get a quotes graphic for the home page and then worked some more on getting it styled properly.
Jimmy Brancaccio
25 February 2009 @ 09:00 am
Did some web edits to the UDL pages. Started drafting/drawing up how the testimonials, "where we came from" page. Met with Cristal just to go over a few things about the daily tasks. Worked on how the page should look some more. Met with Nick and discussed it with him. We ended up using tabs, and will probably pick the 4-5 best ones and put them in there. Also figured out a rotating text script and implemented that. Then I started working on the tabs and the design of the other page and got a basic bit of that up so at least people can see what it'll look like. Will work on adding in copy/content and also the coloring of it next week hopefully.
Jimmy Brancaccio
18 February 2009 @ 04:16 pm
Worked on some UDL web stuff. Updating pages and copy. Had a weekly UDL meeting. Got some new TODOs form Cristal. After meeting worked on some more web items. Updating the site. Spent some time looking for some stock photos and stuff. Can't really remember what else I did that day.
Jimmy Brancaccio
04 February 2009 @ 04:07 pm
Reviewed and responded to emails. Moved around some meetings. Wrote up yesterdays work log and submitted it. Tried to find the UVM and The View articles so they could be link to from the UVM UDL website. Still looking. Chatted with Nick about a few things. Thought today's meeting was at 10:15 but it's actually at 11:15. Had an hour or so meeting for UDL. Went very well. Met with Cristal briefly about some web stuff and doing an outline of the UDL website. Also about adding a new link for Case Studies.

Had a 2 hour long technology meeting.

Took half hour lunch.

Spent the rest of the day reviewing some UDL websites and getting some things ready to post to the web.
Jimmy Brancaccio
29 January 2009 @ 04:47 pm
Reviewed some emails and followed up with some people I didn't get to meet with yesterday. Quickly talked to Cristal about issues with getting a translater for our Wednesday morning UDL meetings. Met with Louise about video/picture release forms.

Worked on TRIPSCY.ORG home page and the Joomla software/news posting. Worked on the UVM TRIPSCY site, updating links and content on the site.

Quick welcome party for Leslie.

Finished up with the TRIPSCY website tasks for the day. Just added a link to the Moodle site on the UVM TRIPSCY site and made sure there was a link back to the UVM TRIPSCY site from the Moodle site.

Starting researching upgrading the Moodle software to the latest. Will continue looking into how to properly get this done over the next few days.
Jimmy Brancaccio
28 January 2009 @ 04:15 pm
Reviewed emails from Cristal about the staff pages and some of the other web pages we've made live with some content. Moved some of the content around to the proper places. Had a meeting with Cristal, Nick and Susan about how we're going to do things, work flow and how we should be working as a team, took about an hour or so.

Got Nick setup on the big Canon printers.

Started looking at some more web changes that needed to be made and did the ones I could find. Got some more content and things from Cristal that could be worked on.

Had a meeting with Susan Ryan - 1 hour.

Pretty much spent the rest of the day looking for stock images and just reviewing the afternoons emails and reponding to as many as I could.
Jimmy Brancaccio
21 January 2009 @ 04:32 pm
Ordered Susan Ryan's HP P2035n printer. Got the new FLIP video camera from Kathleen and started testing it out. Just making sure it was working, which it does. It's not in my locked cabinent. Reviewed and reponded to a few emails. Went through my todo list, adding and reviewing items. Started working on a couple lists, things I need to talk to Laurie and Susan R about.

Cleaned up a bit of my grey cabinent, will have to make some room so we can store the CDCI laptops and projectors in there. We're also going to have to make room in the store/closet for these extra computers I have.

Got some of the iMacs from the closet to wipe so we can then recycle/toss them out. Learned about getting VPN access to an iPhone or an iPod touch. Uses some scripts/profiles. Haven't figured out how to remove them from the device though.

Met with Nick and we went over a few web things. We posted a file to the resources page of the UDL site. It was about creating UD syllibi. Then we started working on the staff page, we collected some photos, edited a couple of them since they were too big. I think we're going to take new photos of the staff people. Also responded to some other web requests from Cristal and got those completed.