Jimmy Brancaccio ([info]jimmyuvm) wrote on January 29th, 2009 at 04:47 pm
Reviewed some emails and followed up with some people I didn't get to meet with yesterday. Quickly talked to Cristal about issues with getting a translater for our Wednesday morning UDL meetings. Met with Louise about video/picture release forms.

Worked on TRIPSCY.ORG home page and the Joomla software/news posting. Worked on the UVM TRIPSCY site, updating links and content on the site.

Quick welcome party for Leslie.

Finished up with the TRIPSCY website tasks for the day. Just added a link to the Moodle site on the UVM TRIPSCY site and made sure there was a link back to the UVM TRIPSCY site from the Moodle site.

Starting researching upgrading the Moodle software to the latest. Will continue looking into how to properly get this done over the next few days.
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