Jimmy Brancaccio ([info]jimmyuvm) wrote on January 21st, 2009 at 04:32 pm
Ordered Susan Ryan's HP P2035n printer. Got the new FLIP video camera from Kathleen and started testing it out. Just making sure it was working, which it does. It's not in my locked cabinent. Reviewed and reponded to a few emails. Went through my todo list, adding and reviewing items. Started working on a couple lists, things I need to talk to Laurie and Susan R about.

Cleaned up a bit of my grey cabinent, will have to make some room so we can store the CDCI laptops and projectors in there. We're also going to have to make room in the store/closet for these extra computers I have.

Got some of the iMacs from the closet to wipe so we can then recycle/toss them out. Learned about getting VPN access to an iPhone or an iPod touch. Uses some scripts/profiles. Haven't figured out how to remove them from the device though.

Met with Nick and we went over a few web things. We posted a file to the resources page of the UDL site. It was about creating UD syllibi. Then we started working on the staff page, we collected some photos, edited a couple of them since they were too big. I think we're going to take new photos of the staff people. Also responded to some other web requests from Cristal and got those completed.
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