Jimmy Brancaccio ([info]jimmyuvm) wrote on April 8th, 2009 at 04:40 pm
Got in a bit late because the bus was late, decided to drive in, there was an accident making me even more late. Didn't have normal UDL meeting, spent a lot of time rewriting the code Nick had sent me so it wasn't so bloated. Worked on making the PNG file of the PDF for the About Grant @ UVM page, but had some trouble with that. Talked with Nick about putting an image up on the main UDL site, it's almost there, but the image is just a bit too big. Will get him to resize it properly and then I can add it.

Also spent some time looking at other UDL websites and documenting them in my UDL Site list spreadsheet.

Spent 30 minutes working on work logs. I've noticed that my last one was from 3.11.2009. I'll have to try harder on keeping up with them.
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