Jimmy Brancaccio ([info]jimmyuvm) wrote on January 30th, 2009 at 04:25 pm
Reviewed emails and responded to those that needed it. Did some UDL web work since I spent an hour + of my time with Susan in a meeting on a UDL day.

Helped Marie Christine-Potvin with some FileMaker issues and located a database. Net-registered an iMac in the "TRIPSCY office".

Setup the Canon printers for Renee and made sure they were working. Sent some emails to Laurie (about securing machines and locking them to desks) and Kathleen about getting more copies of the Adobe Acrobat software. Started looking at coding up a template for the CDCI HTML newsletters.

Helped Leslie get Adobe Reader installed, hoping that will fix her issue of viewing PDFs in FireFox, but I have a feeling it's a site/FireFox issue and am not sure if Adobe Reader will fix the issue.

Continue looking into web accessibility and code and also designing HTML newsletters. Will start pulling apart a known good newletters to see if I can learn from their code.
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