22 January 2009 @ 04:29 pm
Went through my emails and added any items that were todo into Things. Started looking into getting Kensington locks for the desktop machines here. I think I've found one that will fit our needs. Helped Kathleen and Mike get logged onto the network.

Worked on looking through the various TRIPSCY/Moodle pages. Just spent a bunch of time looking on the Moodle forums for various Moodle information and references. Spent time learning about how the modules work and how the system works. Still trying to figure out how to make my own module and have it make sense. Still am not quite sure how the "plug-ins" work or the built-in features.

Looked into customizing the Joomla layout so that it looks a bit more like the TRIPSY.ORG main site. I think it should be possible. I just need ot understand a bit better how theming works in Joomla.

Reviewed the permissions on the TRIPSCY message boards to make sure they were properly setup. Made sure the message/warning showed up on the forums so that people were aware that they should review what they're posting before it's posted (so they don't post personal information).

Moved some machines from the closet into my office and from my office into the closet. Also moved the projectors and laptops into my locked grey cabinet.

Spoke with Francesca about getting her iMac repaired and which machine she would use in the meantime. She'll be using the MacBook Pro. Apparently Kathleen also needs to get her iMac repaired as it seems ot have a bad video card (she gets video anomolies and distortion). I believe it is a known issue with those early aluminum iMacs though. Hers will go in for repair once Francesca's comes back.