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User:kiba_chi (39098)
Random Musings of a Crazy Girl
Bio:Hiya!!!! My name is Kyleigh (K-eye-lee). My nicknames are Dani, Kiba, Kibachi, Kyles, Hotaru, Kit, Okami, and Ootori. I am a senior in high school and so far loving it!

I am a pretty fun person to be around. I am REALLY random and very easily distracted. Especially by shiny things. ^-^

My favorite things to do are hang out with my friends, tease my little brother, write stories, take pictures, and watch anime.

I have a goldfish named Kingyo that I won at a fair. I love him very much. <3

I also love making new friends! So feel free to chat with me! ^-^
Interests:16: animals, anime, friends, hiking, japanese, manga, movies, music, photography, rainbows, reading, science, shiny things, sushi, swimming, video games
Schools:None listed
People5:jimmy, morgan, news, system, tachi_aya
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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