[Interwebz] *headdesk*

  • Apr. 12th, 2009 at 5:29 AM
colin (3)
Apparently, the RSS feed for gDoc updates isn't ALWAYS accurate. I just went to re-read part of the M/M log and noticed OH HEY, ALTER DID TAG! THANKS FOR TELLING ME, RSS FEED.

Technology. BAH.


[Interwebz] *headdesk headdesk headdesk*

  • Apr. 3rd, 2009 at 12:01 AM
colin (8)
I was fiddling with my account settings in gDocs and noticed there was a RSS Feeds tab. The tab lists four different types of revision tracking RSS Feeds, as follows:

Private documents in public feeds:
Public RSS readers may allow others to search for your feeds and be able to see the document title and who changed what and when.

Active Documents:
Lists recent changes to documents appearing on your Active Documents list.

Individual Documents:
To see a document's feed, open a document and click the Collaborate tab. Then, click "View RSS feed of document changes" (on the right side).

Tagged Documents:
Lists recent changes to documents by tag.

The possibility of not needing to stalk my gDocs logs made me so happy I wanted to do the Carlton Dance. BUT UNFORTUNATELY. For the life of me, I cannot not get these freaking RSS Feeds to work. Not one of the feed readers I've tried has recognized these links as feeds and I get the same result whether I'm using Firefox 3 or IE. The Active Documents RSS Feed is the one that would be most useful to me, but I also tried the feeds of individual documents and still, no dice.

If someone else has or can figure this out, I owe you a puppy. Or at the very least an e-cookie.

Edit: AHA! After much wrestling with Firefox Options to find a configuration for "Web Feeds" under Applications that actually works... Thunderbird failed. Google Reader failed. So many others failed. But setting the choice to Live Bookmarks was a success! BUT you have to change your gDocs account settings under RSS Feeds to Allow Private Documents in Public Feeds to see the updates.

The Active Documents feed will only show the revisions to documents you own (i.e. the documents you created, not those created by your collaborators.) However, there is still the option of just adding each log individually to reader by using the RSS feed link in the document's Sharing settings. I'm using Brief which has an icon on the bar that turns orange and an optional slider notification. Huzzah.



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