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User:mhari (18728)
Bio:She liked imaginary men best of all.
Interests:144: aine minogue, alexander the great, amislash, antiheroes, apples, arthurian legend, asperger's syndrome, aubrey and maturin, badgers, barbara kingsolver, biographies, books, boston, brown, c. j. cherryh, caroline/torrens, cartoon dolls, cats, chocolate, coca-cola, colored pencils, combeferre/prouvaire, cosette, counted cross-stitch, cyndi lauper, cyteen, darkover, dead british boys, dead french boys, dorothy parker, drabbles, elitist bitchery, elizabeth goudge, emily of new moon, enjolras, enjolras/grantaire, enya, escapism, fan fiction, fanfic, fantasy, feuilly, firefly, florian's children, fluid identities, french fries, fullmetal alchemist, gen, good omens, grantaire, guy gavriel kay, hedgehogs, het, historical fiction, history, horatio hornblower, html, icons, jean prouvaire, jem and the holograms, joan d. vinge, journals, judith tarr, katharine of aragon, les amis de l'abc, les misérables, les miz, litfic, llamas, llewellyn for president, lloyd alexander, loreena mckennitt, making icons, making lists, making stuff, malafrena, maligned love interests, martin guerre, mary renault, mcgonagall/grubbly-plank, mechanical pencils, melodrama, minor characters, modernes, monstrous regiment, mordred, mu*s, multiple otps, musicals, mustelids, mysterious cities of gold, names, neil gaiman, neopets, new england, norah lofts, not having breakdowns, notebooks, nuts, obscure books, octopodes, ozy and millie, paint shop pro, paper, paper dolls, patrick o'brian, pedantry, peregrin took, phantom of the opera, piglet, pixel art, princess maker 2, quirky fictional doctors, rain, random generators, ravenclaw pride, reading, roleplaying, sandman, science fiction, sidekicks, simon and garfunkel, slash, socken, sorting things, stationery, the cherry tree carol, the doubtful guest, the orkney clan, the sims, the winter prince, tolkien, tonker/lofty, tropico, ursula k. le guin, victor hugo, vienna teng, vignettes, weasels, web design, westmark, williamsburg novels, writing, yohoho! puzzle pirates
Schools:None listed
People3:jimmy, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

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