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Hi! You've found me. This is kind of an experimental / placeholder journal, since the way LiveJournal has been changing recently worries me.
You can find me there under the username m03m. That's m-zero-three-m.

Since I'm (for now) primarily an LJ user, these entries have been copied from there. Some have even been copied from MySpace first!
That causes some problems with linkage. And if there's something about site changes and other ongoing events that makes you go 'huh?' because it doesn't seem to make any sense, it's probably about LiveJournal, not Scribbld. I apologize for any confusion and other kinds of inconvenience.

Oh, and copying the entries from elsewhere means losing all comments, as well.
4th-Nov-2009 03:58 pm - I almost forgot how to do this
molletje leest
So I'm making this entry to remind myself, and to make a few links easier to find later.

I have a LiveJournal account, which is probably what you're looking at. The URL is
I also have a Scribbld account as a sort of backup. The URL is
I use LJ-Sec to repost my entries to Scribbld. It can be found here: (as well as a manual)
And I'm posting this using Semagic so I can post it in two journals at once, and that can be found here:
30th-Oct-2009 11:38 pm - Geeks bearing gifts
avatar met molen
[info]stoneshop just got me this.

Yes, it's a USB drive. A full 8 gb of cuteness. It looks like Tigger, and like Tigger, it has a hole in its left ear.
Beware of geeks bearing gifts, you'll end up giving them your heart in return before you know it.
25th-Oct-2009 08:36 pm - Weekend project, continued
This morning I finished the second chair. Then, I tackled the couch. Much harder in my opinion, as the shape isn't as defined as that of the chairs, I didn't want to take the legs off, and the armrests can be laid flat so it doesn't even always stay the same shape.
The result looks a lot more ... nonchalant. Still, I'm happy. I got rid of the dreaded orange and the chenille plaids I used to hide that (which weren't up to the task, and were starting to wear thin and to shed turquoise fluff all over the place).
And the new colours go well with the painting that's hanging above the couch.

Just two pics, shown at a moderate size, so I'll leave them uncut.

Click makes bigger

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24th-Oct-2009 09:34 pm - Weekend project
On Friday, I suddenly decided to re-upholster my chairs and couch. I'd bought really good (and not cheap) fabric especially for that purpose, over five years (and one couch) ago, but never got the necessary Round Tuits, mainly because I had planned to print a pattern on part of the fabric first.
I decided not to do that after all, and use the fabric as-is. Much less work, much less chance of messing up and wasting hundreds of euros' worth of pure wool fabric, and I can always do patterned cushions if I end up wanting the pattern after all.
Click here for exciting pictures of a chair )
21st-Oct-2009 11:00 am - Why I don't mind that my sweetie never brings me flowers
Look at what he got me yesterday... this gorgeous, vintage-as-anything, cute-as-can-be little electric heater from the '30s or '40s. He took a train for Amsterdam after work, just because I told him about this sweet little thingie I saw in a second hand store there last week... and didn't get. And it was still there.

Who needs flowers anyway? They're so overrated.

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17th-Oct-2009 11:26 pm - We made sushi today!
avatar met molen
It was our first time and I think it went really well. I have now learned that it's actually possible to have too much sushi. *belch*
Tigger had a good evening, too... he got all the leftover bits of tuna, salmon and shrimp.

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16th-Oct-2009 09:14 am - Update from the 2010 BookCrossing Convention team (X-post from the BC comm)
molletje leest
Hello future Conventioneers,
The most important update is of course that since October 14 the tickets and t-shirts can be ordered through our website!

Furthermore we are obviously very busy with the preparations, and it's all starting to get exciting. The contract with the venue will be signed next week, we are busy thinking of and collecting nice thingies to go in the goodie bags, for the tombola and the raffle (contributions still most welcome!) and we are also seriously thinking about the lunch on Saturday.

We managed to find a few sponsors for some of the things we need and we're very happy about that! Please sneak a peek at the thanks page:
The flying Dutchman and New Amsterdam (publishers) are donating some books which we can raffle off, cheese for the lunch comes from Cheese Farm Clara Maria, and TTY Internet Solutions provides our Internet site... great stuff, and we thank them all most cordially!

The programme for Saturday is taking its final shape: we have confirmation from Rob Ruggenberg, an author who writes historical children's books, and some of his work has been translated to English. See his website
Another author gave us the yes-word a long time ago, her name is Karin Spaink, see She will be speaking to us concerning the ins and outs of internetcommunities.
Furthermore we have storytellers Sahand Sahebdivani and Rik (surname not yet known, sorry) who will tell us splendid tales from the east. And finally there will be a writer from the Middle East, who has been living in the Netherlands for years, and will speak of his experiences with writing in another culture, and being an author in and between two languages.

Contributions continue to trickle in. The Internet site has been updated extensively, and much information has been added. Please take the time to look around, a lot has changed. A list of restaurants and hotels in the surroundings is in the making.

That's about it for now. At the time of writing this, 72 people have registered as attendees. Get your ticket while they last!

12th-Oct-2009 09:56 am - Nachtvorst (in Dutch)
molletje leest
This is language-related and not really translatable. So it's in Dutch. Sorry!

Er wordt nchtvorst voorspeld.
Ik heb als kind heel lang gedacht dat 'nachtvorst' een ander woord was voor Sinterklaas.

Het verschil tussen een bisschop en een koning is voor een kind niet zo heel eenvoudig te doorgronden. Hun kleding, zoals je die op plaatjes ziet, lijkt nogal op elkaar. Zo heb ik ook eens aan mijn moeder gevraagd wie er hoger was, een keizer of de Paus.

En Sinterklaas opereert natuurlijk vooral 's nachts.

Verder wordt er vaak gesproken over nachtvorst rond de tijd dat de eerste speelgoedfolders met Sint Nicolaas erop in de brievenbus vallen. Dus.

23rd-Sep-2009 02:44 pm - Networking
bedrijfslogo more than just a buzzword. Or so I hope.
Recently, I've been working on doing it better. I've not been very busy this year, work-wise, and I've had plenty of interesting, non-work related things to to; all very nice, but I figured it's about time I invest a bit of energy in getting some nice projects in the future.

Here's what I did... )
21st-Sep-2009 06:23 pm - The first day of autumn
kladderkatje a beautiful day here. It's been sunny all day, and the right temperature for wearing a T-shirt and sandals. So that's what I'm wearing.
It feels a bit like autumn already, though; even though the temperature is almost summer-like, the air is starting to feel different. I love this Indian summer we're having.

I went into the city by bike, left the bike near the city centre and continued on foot. That allowed me to release some BookCrossing books, of course, and to see things that I might otherwise have missed.
Like this bunch of mushrooms in the city park. There were many more of them.

Pretty, aren't they. You can also eat them. But I figured that it would be best to leave them where many more people could enjoy them.

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20th-Sep-2009 03:46 pm - Writer's Block: Are women or men bigger cheats?
avatar met molen
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Yes, I believe that men or women are more likely to cheat if they know they won't get caught.
And yes, I believe in marriage. I've seen several with my own eyes.
17th-Sep-2009 05:13 pm - Happy birthday, dear Bookczuk
avatar met molen
I know that it's an odd time to have a birthday... it may even be the last thing on your mind. Especially since today is bumma's birthday.
Still, the 19th is your birthday and I want to take this opportunity to send you a hug, a big birthday kiss and the wish that your next year may be free of sorrow.

Here's a digital card, made from a picture of a piece of polished paua shell from New Zealand. Simply because it's pretty.

Have a good year, my friend.
3rd-Sep-2009 05:28 pm - An NZ story
motor in wadi
I suddenly realised that I've never posted anything about the trip to NZ I took with [info]gummihuhn in April. I simply never felt like it. I loved New Zealand, but I don't like writing all that much!
Still, here's a short episode I thought about today... so why not write it down. The pictures are Gummihuhn's.

Click to read it... )

For a different perspective: compare gummihuhn's story... it has more pictures. And if you ever find yourself wanting to rent a motorbike in Christchurch or Auckland, head to the good folks at City Motorcycle Rentals and tell them I said hello.
19th-Aug-2009 09:26 pm - Back from summer camp... and here's Leela
Our hacker conference / geeky summer camp was a whole lot of fun. Hard to believe it's over.
I'll be writing more about it but first I want to tell you about a fun project I did: a Leela costume.

Leela is a character from the cartoon Futurama, drawn by the same guy as the Simpsons. She looks like this:


When she smiles, which is a rare occurrence, her eye is an oval shape.
Click to see how close I got! )

All in all, I had a lot of fun making this... and wearing it!
26th-Jul-2009 04:58 pm - Squee! New fishies
avatar met molen
I've bought a couple of blue rams for my one-metre community tank. The camera sees them as bluer than the human eye does, but I can assure you they're gorgeous in real life, too. Just not as blue.

blue rams
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14th-Jul-2009 09:58 am - Hi ho, a-camping we will go
avatar met molen
Remember when [info]gummihuhn , [info]aka_phoenix , Raffizack, [info]stoneshop  and I went to the Chaos Communication Camp in Finowfurt, in 2007, and set up a temporary OBCZ there?
Well, maybe not. Here's an article on the BookCrossing site to refresh your memory.

We had a wonderful time, handed out a lot of books and made new friends and members from all over the world. So this year, we're doing it again.
This year's version of the conference is called Hacking At Random 2009, and it's going to be held in Vierhouten, the Netherlands, from August 13 to 16.
We're likely to be with a smaller group of BookCrossers this time, but Raffi is coming, so that's good. And we'll be bringing our laptops, lots of obsolete-but-fun hardware, and plenty of nonsense with LEDs on it. Oh, and books.

Ticket presale is open until July 20th, so if you want to get in for the lower presale price, you'd better start packing. The event's website can be found here.

HAR logo
12th-Jul-2009 10:43 pm - Wikipedia and me
avatar met molen
Okay, I haven't been updating lately... so now that I get The Urge, I'll hurry up and type it down while it lasts.
Here goes:

This got longish )
23rd-Jun-2009 01:23 pm - I designed a T-shirt to promote menstrual cups...
I guess that makes me an activist! (The actual file looks better than this preview.)

Here's a preview pic, for those who do not feel like clicking links.


The text reads: 'Join the Smug Sisterhood. Cups are second to nun!'
If it doesn't win, I'll find another way of making it available. If it does, it'll get printed and be amazingly cheap.

It seems that commenting, as well as voting, helps the design have a better chance to win. Thanks to any and all who have helped!

12th-May-2009 01:24 pm - Goodbye LJ Herald, hello LJ Times
molletje leest
I used to keep up with all LJ news by reading [info]the_lj_herald . Great one-stop LJ news source. But recently, the person who kept it up to date has announced the end of the Herald, because it's starting to feel like a chore.
But here's the good news: now there is [info]the_lj_times , which is basically the same thing, run by someone else. I've joined immediately, I really can't be bothered to keep up with all the different LJ news communities and I do want to know what's going on.
If you're like me in this respect, you know where to go!

6th-May-2009 12:41 pm - A neat little trick not everyone may know about
avatar met molen
How do you try on a pair of pants if there's no fitting room?

Around your neck.

Seriously! In almost all grown ups, the size of the neck is half of the size of the waist. So you can simply close the button and see if you can wrap the waist band of the pants around your neck, and if you can't, you can be pretty sure they're too small. If it fits easily, with a little overlap, there's a good chance the pants will fit you (when worn the normal way, haha) as well.

It looks a little silly, but not nearly as silly as buying a pair of pants from the market or a charity shop and then coming home with them to find that you cannot get into them no matter how hard you try.

(I'm getting a bit of déja-lu here... have I posted this before?)
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