Kyle Copeland

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09:30 pm: Relationships

Victor Haas ([info]double_sticks )
Kyle's BFF. They met, and then they were inseperable. Kyle adores him, and figures he's about the coolest dude he knows. Friends for liiiiiife.

Janis Sophie Parke ([info]alittlevague )
They dated. Mostly it was hugging, and then they broke up. They still hug! Epic hugs. Kyle thinks Sophie is one of the coolest girls he knows.

Sol Maria Anabelle Garcia ([info]soleada )
Sunny kicks Kyle's butt about homework, and he adores her for it. She'll get him back onto the Quodpot team and hopefully out of his Junior year. He hopes.

Mekala Palakiko ([info]learntofly )

They take smoke breaks together. She pays him in hugs to go buy her cigarettes for her, and he's her Papa Bear.

Aune Rebecca Walkky([info]studiesallnight )
She gives him booze and cigarettes, and he acts as her enforcer. It's a beautiful acquaintanceship.

Vincenzo Michaelangelo Antonio Ciccarelli ([info]che_bel_viso )
Vinnie is Victor's roommate, which means that Kyle is pretty sure he's pretty cool, occasional weird flirting habits aside. He also makes awesome food.


Bobby-Jo Copeland (unclaimed)
Kyle's baby sister. He loves her, adores her, and is her protector. He'll go mama bear on anyone who messes with her, and often comes crawling to her for homework help. He thinks she's about the best thing to ever exist. She's his everything, she really is. He wants his sister to succeed in everything she wants in life, because he doesn't think he ever will.


Leon Shaw ([info]mightbeclever )
Kyle and Leon have a hateful but tolerant relationship. Sophie likes Leon, for some reason, so Kyle tries to behave. Sometimes, though, he just wants to punch the sissy little jackass' face off.

Sim Burford ([info]sim )
A few well-placed comments about Kyle's lack of academic excellence, and now Kyle has it a little bit out for Sim. When they run into each other, insults and fists fly.

Gregoire Aristide LeClair ([info]gregoire )
Kyle doesn't like Gray, Gray doesn't like Kyle. Something about Gray just makes Kyle want to punch him. Not to mention, Gray and SIm are buds, and that doesn't sit well with Kyle.



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