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User:nightfire69 (16471)
Nightfire's Dark Demented Mind
What's In the Mind of the Moof
Website:Transformers: The Dark Empire
Location:Spokane, Washington, United States
Bio:I'm a married homemaker from Spokane Washington. I joined this site because I heard so much about it and I really see a big diffrtance between Live Journal and Myspace which I also am in. After I seen some of the members in one of the yahoo writing groups I'm in put up their work on here I figure it would be a lot better to put my art and writing up here than putting it up on Myspace.
Memories10 entries
Interests:25: anime, art, besm, cartoons, comics, d&d, digimon, dragonballz, drawing, fanart, fanfiction, gijoe, inuyasha, jem, manga, pokemon, rpgs, sailormoon, science, space, transformers, writing, xmen, yu-gi-oh, yuyuhakusho
People3:jimmy, news, system
Account type:Early Free User

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