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User:oh_emily (8872)
(no userpics)
Name:i'm a new jersey success story


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Interests:121: 100x100, a b c charlie, accuta matata bitches, acting, actors, adreese and cambria, amelie, anna nalick, ariel arberin, ballet, bayonne, bike rides, billy joel, brand new, brick, bright eyes, broadway, buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, cedric diggory, charlie, chez marie, claire, claire's baby, coldplay, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, eat rice, eggo, elan, emily hughes, emily mone, english, figure skating, fleur delacour, france, fumie suguri, george o'malley, grey's anatomy, hannah iglesias, harry potter, hello, hellogoodbye, hot hot heat, how now brown cow, hp rpg, hurley, icons, imitating hot hot heat, kimmie meissner, kirk, lisa loeb, liz phair, lost, mao asada, mcdreamy, milo ventimiglia, mme. scholz, mr. naps, mrs. lingat, mrs. potter, ms. g, ms. hugette's dance studio, my ipod, neville longbottom, new jersey, new york city, no doubt, not algebra, not bible studies, not kate, not ocean gate, not reality tv, not smelly lockers, not uncle tom's cabin, nyu, ok go, oriel, pamcakes, panic at the disco, pompeii pizza, prep, prep football games, ps 14, rachael campbell, rilo kiely, roleplay, ron burgundy, ron weasley, rory gilmore, rpg icons, saint dominic academy, sda glee club, sda student council, sean feuer, section 05, shia saltzman, snow patrol, sophia maiorano, southcove, stephanie sanzo, stepheteoes, sun, taking back sunday, tegan and sara, that aint no basilisk, the cup game, the dominoes, the drama club, the feverfew, the frisbee, the little food cafe, the marauders, the shins, the starting line, train, umm sean feuer, walking aimlessly on broadway, weezer, willow valley, writing, yeah yeah yeahs
Schools:None listed
Friends:None listed.
Also Friend of:1: cassiejay
Account type:Early Adopter

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