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Tenten [ テンテン ] ([info]oriental_dragon) wrote,
@ 2025-05-02 08:42:00

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Entry tags:answers, bandwagon ftw!, facts, history, info, questions, random

OOCP 06. Listen up Destiny...
Because bandwagons are fun.

And also, as I've learned in the past, you can know a character without... ever really thinking about certain aspects of a character. Some things can get easily overlooked. And sometimes it's better to have them written out rather than have it as general knowledge or assumptions. So here is a chance for me to contemplate over things that I had never considered concerning our local weapons enthusiast.

Any questions concerning Tenten - be it her relationship with your character, her family, her history, her life, etc - go here, if you will, please~ ^^ Ask what you wish about her and I will answer accordingly. Don't be shy, now. Here, anything goes.

Previously asked questions at the old place can be found HERE.
But feel free to ask them again if you wish. More than likely, the answer has changed a bit.

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2009-09-10 04:06 pm UTC (link)
1. fluent in chinese? how fluent? will she speak with shikamaru in chinese like a crazy person every so often? 8)

2. what if i told you that shikamaru's one of the better shots in the club? her thoughts on him not participating in any competition whatsoever? LMAO DOES SHE HATE HIM...

3. her thoughts on ino and the fact that she stands for everything tenten thinks is AGAINST HER FEMINIST MORALS. 8)

(Reply to this)(Thread)

2009-09-10 04:33 pm UTC (link)
1. Yes, very fluent in Chinese, actually although her mun knows absolutely nothing of the Chinese language. Contrary to her current residence in Japan or how comfortable she seems in the setting, Tenten was born in China and lived there up until she was three. She moved back for a period of time between the ages of ten and fifteen. So, in actuality, Chinese was her first language. But considering she's bounced back and forth from the two countries since she was little, Tenten takes pride in associating herself with both, because they encompass the two cultures that ultimately make up who she is: Japanese from her father, and Chinese from her mother. It's not often that she would speak Chinese with anyone else outside of her family or those who would understand without question. But on rare occasions, if you get her frustrated/flustered enough (which I'm sure Shikamaru has), she'll slip in a word/phrase/string of sentences here or there, mostly without realizing it.

2. ...Honestly, she would not be surprised? What if I told you, it's more that he's wasting his potential than his actual women-bashing ways that frustrates Tenten the most? Tenten likes to view herself a very perceptive person. And it is her belief that if he actually did applied himself, he could blow them all out of the water. In most if not all things that he chooses to take on. It just drives her insanely crazy that while others had to struggle to get where they are, to learn the skills or make the grades, he's there by just barely trying. In a way and in that aspect, she could very well possibly be jealous of Shikamaru.

And no, in all honesty, Tenten doesn't actually HATE Shikamaru. Especially when it doesn't seem like he goes out of his way to talk down to her. He just enjoys pushing her buttons, which is fine. Because at least he puts up somewhat of a fight when they banter back and forth instead of just brushing her off. It may not be respect on his part, but she'll take it as such and roll with it.

3. It's not that Ino stands for everything that Tenten is against. Only that she does in a way. Because Ino's not the typical anti-feminist. No, in some ways, Ino might actually be even more of a feminist than Tenten. Because she is capable of manipulating the status quo and stereotype to her advantage. How? Who the hell knows and Tenten's been trying to figure it out for years. But she sees it and understands it. Ultimately and at the end of the day, while Tenten does not agree with Ino's way of living in the least, she tolerates and to some level respects it. Because she's not into changing anyone if they're perfectly happy. And, obviously, Ino is. It's not her place. It's just so freakin' frustrating because Tenten knows for a fact that Ino is above such things.

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2009-09-10 05:22 pm UTC (link)
Do you plan to work with Tenten's vaguely feminist canon vibe?


(Reply to this)(Thread)

2009-09-10 05:26 pm UTC (link)
WHAT QUESTION, I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT Course I do. I've made a few subtle reference to it already, actually.

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2009-09-11 08:19 am UTC (link)

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2009-09-10 07:12 pm UTC (link)
Tenten's first fight- how old, how did it go.

Who are her biggest influences?

(Reply to this)(Thread)

2009-09-10 07:46 pm UTC (link)
1. ...Ten/eleven-ish? Because she was just an angry little girl at the time who didn't know what to do with her rage. She's not proud to admit that (nor do more than about... three to five people know of that time in her life), and she wasn't always that way before, but after the death of her parents, things changed, if only slightly. But it was profound enough:
- She was forced to move back to China after spending seven years in Japan, leaving behind friends and people she had essentially grew up with.
- She was placed under the custody of her uncle (her mother's brother), a man she hardly knew and barely remembered.
- She had been forced to give up something that she loved almost more than life itself (the piano).
- And she missed her parents dearly.
So when someone ended up pushing her a little too far, the quiet calm that she had clung to dissolved and Tenten lashed out. It wasn't particularly violent in that there wasn't much blood. But she did the damage she intended. In hopes of helping her control that anger, her uncle enrolled her in martial arts classes.

2. From early childhood to even now, her parents have always been her greatest influences. From what she can still remember of them, they were the picture of balance that she still tries to achieve even today, despite them... no longer alive. There are others, but ultimately, it always boils down to these two.

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-09-10 08:31 pm UTC (link)
Does she still have anger issues, then?

...I should know this, but how did her parents die?

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-09-10 08:43 pm UTC (link)
1. She's gotten a whole lot better at controlling her anger and has great amount of patience these days. But whether or not she still has issues? Well, Tenten would like to say no. But it's been a long time since she's been that angry about anything and it only really happens under extreme circumstances. So it's hard to really tell. She mostly gets frustrated and annoyed these days.

2. I've been going back and forth on this. And in the end, I have it that they along with a younger brother of hers died in a fire that was started by an electrical storm. She was the only one to survive.

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2009-09-11 03:25 am UTC (link)
2. Sorry, more specifically the brother was a younger twin. So, that just added to all the stress and emotion and general rage when she was ten.

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2009-09-11 08:21 am UTC (link)
I remember you telling me about the family death a while ago and I always entertained the thought of Naruto being that replacement younger brother before he and Tenten got all hormonal and things got weird.

Is that at all true? Or how does she see it now? Still the same? Does SHE want a piece and if so would she be willing to put herself out there to get it?


(Reply to this)(Thread)

2009-09-11 03:05 pm UTC (link)
...And you said your questions would be stupid. Pfft. I have to number these because... well, I just have to...

Long history = long explanations.

1. Well, I had the brother as Tenten's younger twin. So I don't think replacement is a good word to use. In Tenten's heart of hearts, no one could ever replace her brother. No one. Just like no one could ever replace her parents, although her Uncle tried his best. Simply because of the fact that they were twins and some things about their relationship, there just can't be any substitute. You can't exactly replace a bond like that, even if she wanted or tried. Because you have to admit, twins are on a different level then regular siblings. Did it come pretty darn close when it came to Naruto? Yes. Hell yes. There are a lot of qualities in Naruto that remind Tenten of her brother, or at least what she remembers of her brother -- because, keep in mind, by the time the two meet at boarding school, it's been four/five years since his death -- particularly how the two seem to balance each other out personality-wise. And there is a brother-sister quality to how they are very protective of each other.

I like to believe that Tenten is a fairly perceptive person and a good judge of character in most occasions alright, she was wrong about that bastard who ditched her, but hey, she's human and makes mistakes just like everyone else. So, in my mind and in my head canon, she could tell from the first moment that they met that he would've been a nice fit if replacing Takeru were her intentions, which is partially the reason behind the drawing she gave him after that first conversation that they had. And in the end, that might be one reason among a few why she had initially turned him down when he was pushing for a romantic relationship. Because while it was nice to be around him and feeling, for once, like she had a family again, to a certain degree, being around him was sometimes painful for her too. Of course, Naruto could not have known that, and Tenten was not in the position to tell. I'm not sure if he even knows about her family's death now because she is very reluctant to talk about that time in her life. She's not particularly proud of the person she was after the accident. But if she has told anyone outside of her family, Naruto and Kiba would be the first two that she'd tell.

2. As for how she sees things now, well... as you well know, hormones tend to complicate things. Far more than necessary. And labels tend to get a little blurry, especially when it comes to these two.

On the surface, and probably all the way down to maybe the... fifth layer of his personality, Naruto is a flirt and an overall goof. Whether it's genuine or just a defense mechanism depends on the situation, but she likes to think that she can tell the difference. He's overly friendly with people that he meets, and tends to surround himself with rather... good looking people. So there have been an occasion or two where Tenten's gotten a bit jealous at the attention that he's given someone else. She doesn't dwell on it particularly long, but it's happened often enough and just long enough for her to take notice and formulate questions about it.

She likes the fact that they have known each other for so long, and tends to use that to her advantage. Because much like Naruto, this is the longest relationship that she has ever had, platonic or otherwise. She wants to hold on to it. Not only for the comfort it brings, but simply... because she wants that feeling of home and to know that it will always be there. And she gets it with him just as she hopes that he gets it with her.

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2009-09-11 03:07 pm UTC (link)
The flirting, the moments of intimacy? She's definitely staking her claim on him just as much as she's sure he's staking his claim on her. It's an unspoken agreement: deal with one, you deal with both. There is no way around it. And Tenten would not want it any other way. Together. Not together. Just friends. Something more. She's comfortable with the ambiguity (and you know they both enjoy screwing with people's heads). It's just how the two function together. How it came to be so, hell if she knows. But it works, for the most part. Tenten makes no secret about it with those that she's tried to have relationships with. And if they can't accept it, then in her mind they're rejecting a big part of her life.

Is it unhealthy? Probably. Does she care? No.

What it boils down to? Tenten loves him. In every sense of the word. She will always love him. Even when he does something stupid or reckless, Tenten will love Naruto with all her heart and would gladly pick up the pieces for him. It may hurt at first -- and in the past, he has done a few things that were painful to endure -- and she might be angry at him in the beginning. But she could never stay mad at him. She could never cut her ties with him. Deep down in the very darkest part of their hearts, they both know this. Or at least Tenten is starting to realize this. And the more that she thinks over this realization, the more she will consider... her own feelings towards him.

3. So, does she want a piece of the Uzumaki? Yes. I explained that before in the last question session. She finds him attractive and charming. But more so, he is loyal, funny, sweet, and a joy to be around, qualities that Tenten likes in a potential partner. And they already have a fairly solid chemistry that a shift from friends to something more would be all too easy. To a point where others could probably not tell the difference (but Naruto and Tenten will, of course). Will she be willing to put herself out there to get it? Maybe. It depends. Only when she is absolutely certain that their friendship is strong enough to survive any fallout that they could potentially have would she consider it. Because of all things, Tenny knows that people, no matter how wonderful she thinks they are, are capable of leaving her. And it's one of her greatest and deepest fears that Naruto will eventually follow the rest and leave too.

He's family. He's her forever, whether it's as a friend or something more. And Tenten does not want to go back to that dark place again when she lost all those who were important to her.

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-09-12 10:28 am UTC (link)

He just needs to hug her. Everyday. Until he feels that she feels everything is going to be alright. Not just 'alright', but 'life is going to be fantastic' alright. He ~metaphorically~ won't let go until then.

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2009-09-12 10:29 am UTC (link)
-and would continue holding on even after that. He would like to add.

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-09-12 03:35 pm UTC (link)
...I approve both comments. So does Tenny. ♥

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2009-09-15 10:02 pm UTC (link)
1. What keeps Tenten up at night? Memories, fears, concerns, etc; what's under her skin even when she's perfectly happy with her life?

2. What's the most thoughtful thing anyone's ever done for Tenten?

3. You mentioned somewhere that Tenten isn't out looking for relationships. What are her thoughts in general on relationships? Sex? Commitment? Hormones?

(Reply to this)(Thread)

Lol, you get a two-part answer too~
2009-09-16 04:49 am UTC (link)
1. Despite her usually calm exterior, Tenten has a lot of concerns in life, just like anyone else. However, her focus is more on the people around her rather than herself -- Will this person be alright? How is that person fairing considering recent events? She hasn't heard from such and such for a while. Maybe she should stop by so and so's place tomorrow to see how they're handling things. -- Tenten can link such a need and want to care for others back to a time when she had found herself helpless and vulnerable. Thrown into a situation that was out of her hands to control where the outcome had been the death of her parents. Of her entire family.

And for a long time, she had always blamed herself for not dying with them.

So, even though she understands that it is probably an unhealthy way of living, Tenten aims a good portion of her energy and time ensuring that those most important to her are safe and generally happy. Because this need to mother her friends stands at the root of one of her greatest fears: that, much like a good number of people in her past, everyone is capable of and would leave her again.

That is not to say that she does not have her own fears that would keep her up at night. It's not exactly to the level of being a phobia, but Tenten will, on occasion, have frightened fits during a storm where lightning is involved. Mostly because it reminds her of what ultimately took her family away. Most of the time, she is fairly good at handling that fear. But every so often, it will come to a point where only a handful of people in the world would be able to calm her.

And of course, there is always that one reoccurring nightmare that haunts Tenten's dreams from time to time. Mostly when it comes near the anniversary of the fire. When that mother of a bad dream surfaces, Tenten is left in a cold sweat and unable to go back to bed at all. Resulting in a full night of simply filling in the long hours until dawn where she will proceed to shuffle restlessly through the day until she can restart the sleep process.

(Reply to this)(Parent)

Although it's still not as long as the one I gave Ash...
2009-09-16 04:50 am UTC (link)
2. Well... two moments comes to mind. The first is actually more considered as a protective act done on her behalf. And that was when Naruto took it upon himself to beat up the guy that stole her virginity and broke her heart by leaving her afterwards. She had been angry at him for doing so, getting as hurt as he did (the guy manage to come into possession of a lead pipe during the fight and proceeded to use it against Naruto, resulting in a very bloody kitsune). But ultimately, that single act was what made their friendship strong and what it is today.

The second occurred during her first week of school when Tentne was five years old. A boy she had considered a bit strange but very sweet had presented her a hand-made friendship card the second week of school. And he eventually became one of her best friends up until the moment she had been forced to move back to China after her parents were killed. To this day, Tenten still has the card tucked away safely in one of a number of scrapbooks she has compiled over the years.

3. Well, first and foremost, let me just establish this. No, in my mind she's not out there actively looking for a relationship. She's perfectly fine and capable being single and being on her own. After all, Tenten is a very individualistic person. However, that does not mean that she does not want one. Tenten is, after all, human. And she's had a number of relationships in the past. There's just been one major factor stopping things from getting past the initial dating stage of things. And that is the presence of Naruto and Kiba (more the former than the latter). They are a big part of her life. If her potential partners cannot accept them, then in her mind, they are rejecting a big part of who she is.

Tenten's definitely not against relationships. She just has not found a guy that has been willing to make things work. Because deep down, she does want a commitment. Strong and very much "one-of-the-guys" as Tenny is, she does want to get married and have a family of her own one day.

As for her thoughts on sex, in the past and more so now after the incident of when she lost her virginity, Tenten has always been a bit sensitive on the matter. She takes it fairly seriously and would like to believe that, for the most part, she would never give in to having a one night stand with someone. It'd have to be a long term relationship or she'd have to feel a very strong sense of connection towards a person before Tenten would even consider the idea of sex with anyone. However, her first experience has taught her that sometimes... you just cannot determine the outcome of such things, no matter how sure you are of it. She understands that sometimes impulses are meant to be acted upon, although she prefers to restrain from giving in to them, at least for as long as she is capable. Because as she has learned in the past, from both her friends and from her own experiences, sex has a tendency to complicate things a great deal. And hormones? They must make a mess out of everything.

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

still fantastic~
2009-09-16 11:05 pm UTC (link)
Easy follow-up.

How tall is Tenten?

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-09-16 11:26 pm UTC (link)
Canonly, 164 cm, which roughly equals out to being about 5'5" - 5'6" if I remember my conversions right. Taller than me that's for sure, and most other girls her age with the exception of Temari. But still a little shorter than all the guys she hangs around.

(Reply to this)(Parent)

Cause meeting you was fun...
2009-09-28 07:32 pm UTC (link)
Oh how I am asking you the same question. Tenny's thoughts on Professor Uchiha?

(Reply to this)(Thread)

They should totally do it again~
2009-09-29 02:15 am UTC (link)
Mmm. This is kinda longer than I intended...

Well, her first thought when she found out he was a professor? Was that he was fairly young. Which was a big of a surprise in and of itself. Most of her instructors are easily twice her age or more. And thoroughly marked as a superior both in mind and in presence. That's not to say that he's not either, mind you. But when it comes to him, it's rather easy to forget that he holds a position of authority over her - or... not considering she's not actually a music student - especially when there's a piano within the vicinity of them. And although they have had only one conversation together, it was free-flowing and easy-going. Simple. And all too naturally comfortable, which has never happened with other professors, so that's just another positive check under his name. Another check goes to the thought-provoking discussion itself, especially since it centered around a subject that both seemed to hold a special place in both their hearts: music and the piano.

And ultimately, it is that shared love for the instrument that she enjoys and respects most about him. Coupled with his obvious intelligence, the man is a triple threat and an admirable man. Anyone would be lucky to have him as an instructor.

In another life, in another world, in another few years there could have been great potential for something more, she believes. But with the ever present knowledge that he is first and foremost a professor teaching at the university that she currently attends, that'll be a big no-no for now. Still, doesn't mean she can't admire the view~

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

Re: They should totally do it again~
2009-09-29 02:34 am UTC (link)
Oh, unspoken tension = love.

And he shall admire the view back very, very unobtrusively.


(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-09-29 03:07 am UTC (link)
Apparently, most relationships in this comm is based on unspoken tension. So it works, lol. xD!

...One day, they will be able to enjoy the views without fear or hesitation. It will happen. 8|

(Reply to this)(Parent)

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