Tenten [ テンテン ]
09 June 2025 @ 11:40 am
OOCP 02. Timeline and background...  
What can I say, I've always been a little bit of a black sheep. ^^;

NOTE: If you wish to add your character's interaction with Tenten's past, feel free to contact me and I'll gladly discuss character connections with you. All character connections and relationships are listed [ HERE ]. So far she's only known to a few people, and that makes me somewhat sad. Oh why did you have to be so obscure, Tenten? ;__;

Tenten's Timeline )

[ Changes to be made as past character interactions are discussed and established with other community members as well as a clearer formation of her history ]
Tenten [ テンテン ]
23 May 2025 @ 11:41 am
OOCP 03. RPing Timeline for Tenten  
This is for my convenience, and maybe yours if you ever wanna see what she's been up to lately. Plus it's an easy way to make sure that I'm not RPing Tenten in two places at once. :P

No day but today... )

A tentative timeline of Tenten's history and background can be found HERE and HERE
References to Chinese Holidays can be found HERE and HERE
Reference to official Japanese Holidays can be found HERE

NOTE: Obviously this will be updated as the RP moves along.