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03 May 2025 @ 11:44 am
OOCP 05. Character Relations and History...  
Below is a list of characters that have connections or some sort of history with Tenten, whether it be as acquaintances, friends, lovers, etc. If you wish to have one with her, feel free to comment here so we can discuss. ^^

Notable Friends/Character Connections/History [ Still slowly, but surely, chipping through these. ]

Uzumaki Naruto... )

Inuzuka Kiba... )

Hyuuga Neji... )

Rock Lee... )

Aburame Shino... )

Haruno Sakura... )

Yamanaka Ino... )

Nara Shikamaru... )

Hyuuga Hinata... )

Uchiha Itachi... )

Rin... )

Itoshii Fishcake - Scottish Fold kitten she found in the back alley behind her apartment building during a storm. Named by Naruto and nursed back to health, she seems more than content under Tenten's care.

Missing from the list? Means she either doesn't care, or doesn't know you well enough to pass judgment.
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15 September 2009 @ 08:16 am
ICP 05. The miles are getting longer, it seems...  
Interesting first week back. But for the most part, I'm not complaining. They had a good selection of History courses this semester, and it was hard to keep from wanting to just take them all. Although I guess I need to start loading up a bit more on my Philosophy to even things out. Maybe next term. Yeah. Sure. Next term.

And with a new term, we have a new schedule. For everything. Since a majority of my courses are in the morning, Tochiro's taken it upon himself to give me the early afternoon and late evening shifts til closing before and after volleyball practice. In addition to a the morning shift on Saturday since I can't come in Wednesday afternoons. Looks like I'll have to start bringing my work clothes to school. Or at least start wearing them to school. Go figure.

Well... I've had worse before.

Only thing is, I don't like leaving Itoshii home alone for so long. Saturday morning's fine, I guess. But with school in the morning and work and/or practice in the afternoons, I can't just leave her home all day by herself. So I think I might have to start bringing her to work with me in a cat carrier or something. The hours I'm working are really only busy between four to maybe seven? Eight at the latest? The rest of the time... well, I guess she can keep me company in between customers.

So if you guys wanna play with the baby, you know where to find her~

[[ OoC: Oh, god. I do bad... baaad things when I'm sleep deprived. x___x ]]
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18 August 2009 @ 10:54 am
ICP 03. Wipe your hands, shake it off, then you stand...  
[[ OoC: Before I get nudged to post again... ]]


That is the last time I agree to help out a new student at the dojo. Kid didn't know what he was doing and just started flailing around. Wouldn't even listen when I tried explaining techniques to him either. It's a good thing I had enough sense to at least give him a wooden sword instead of a real one. Ugh, next time sensei asks me to help out, I'm demanding he give me at least an intermediate student.

Meh, well... I guess I'm no worse for the wear. A little bloodied, but nothing that hasn't happened before.

...No wonder Shikamaru thinks I'm crazy. I'm not crazy. 8|

Also, baby update for Papa Naruto... )

Nothing new with volleyball boot camp practice. Or with the cafe. Although, Tochiro did give me a few extra shifts to make up for the time I'll lose when I start school again. Such a considerate guy, really. But I guess I owe him one. And more work means more money. So, at least I know I'll be able to make rent this month. Speaking of which, my next shift starts in half an hour...

PS. I'll stop by soon, Keebs. Help is on the way!
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14 July 2009 @ 04:59 pm
ICP 01. Been far away for far too long...  
A month in China? Really? Don't you think it would've been convenient to tell me that before I came to help out with the restaurant? Honestly, Uncle Katsuro...

No wonder he told me to bring Itoshii with me. I'd hate to think what would've happened if I had just left her behind...

SO, anyways! After a long and unexpected leave of absence... I'm back! Tired and with a hint of noodles, but back. And the first order of business goes to Neji. I'm sorry I missed your birthday. BUT you'll be happy to know that I did manage to pick up something for you while I was away~ Expect it to pop up on your doorstep in a box sometime before the end of the week... as soon as I generate enough energy to wrap it up and send it your way.

Speaking of which, what in the world happened to my apartment? I thought I told you guys to stay out of trouble while I was gone. You know who I'm talking to. 8/

Meanwhile, I'll be returning to my barista duties on Thursday. I think after my not-so-vacation, a day of rest is in order. Which means... Keebs? Naruto? Your muffins will be waiting for you when you come in for lunch.
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