Tenten [ テンテン ]
03 May 2025 @ 11:44 am
OOCP 05. Character Relations and History...  
Below is a list of characters that have connections or some sort of history with Tenten, whether it be as acquaintances, friends, lovers, etc. If you wish to have one with her, feel free to comment here so we can discuss. ^^

Notable Friends/Character Connections/History [ Still slowly, but surely, chipping through these. ]

Uzumaki Naruto... )

Inuzuka Kiba... )

Hyuuga Neji... )

Rock Lee... )

Aburame Shino... )

Haruno Sakura... )

Yamanaka Ino... )

Nara Shikamaru... )

Hyuuga Hinata... )

Uchiha Itachi... )

Rin... )

Itoshii Fishcake - Scottish Fold kitten she found in the back alley behind her apartment building during a storm. Named by Naruto and nursed back to health, she seems more than content under Tenten's care.

Missing from the list? Means she either doesn't care, or doesn't know you well enough to pass judgment.