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Tenten [ テンテン ] ([info]oriental_dragon) wrote,
@ 2025-05-03 11:44:00

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Entry tags:character relations, hinata, history, ino, itachi, itoshii fishcake, kiba, lee, naruto, neji, rin, sakura, shikamaru, shino

OOCP 05. Character Relations and History...
Below is a list of characters that have connections or some sort of history with Tenten, whether it be as acquaintances, friends, lovers, etc. If you wish to have one with her, feel free to comment here so we can discuss. ^^

Notable Friends/Character Connections/History [ Still slowly, but surely, chipping through these. ]

Uzumaki Naruto [[info]impellere] - High school friend, the bond that the two have could only be described as complicated, and yet not (to them). At first, it was out of a growing school-boy crush that he sought to get to know her. But after a series of failed attempts to win her heart, both thought it better to simply remain friends. Eventually they become very close, particularly after Naruto takes it upon himself to personally punish beat down a guy that broke her heart. However, their actions towards each other constantly puts into question the state of their relationship, teasing the line between the platonic and romantic, almost bordering on incestuous.

Tenten remembers a balmy autumn afternoon many years ago when she came across a rather rambunctious young blond on campus. They had been in their first month of the term at Konoha no Gakuen Boarding School when Naruto came bounding up to her on the front steps of the dormitories in search of her roommate, of all people. Having spent the past few years in China, Tenten was still adjusting to the language. And ever the social butterfly that he was, Naruto inquired about her accent (and history, and family, and hey, what are you doing with that sketchbook there, sketching because I'm in art too!) As a result, the two ended up striking up a conversation about art - portrait versus landscape - a subject that both had an apparent interest in at the time. In the end, when all was said and the discussion was over, Naruto had a quick sketch of himself with the school's courtyard as a backdrop. And Tenten had a new friend.

This was the very start of what would become an epic friendship. One that would prove to stand the test of time.

Like all journeys, the road was difficult at first, for both parties involved. While Naruto began harboring an innocent school-boy crush on her after seeing the girl break a plank of wood with her bare hands, Tenten was struggling with how much of the past his mere presence was able to bring up. More specifically, how Naruto seemed to remind Tenten of her twin brother who had died along with her parents five years prior. It clouded her perception and made her blind to Naruto's attempts at courtship until one moonlit night when the young blond had made his intentions unmistakeably clear

To be honest, the thought of having an actual romantic relationship did cross her mind at one point. And in another life - one where her parents and brother were still alive - it could have happened. But Naruto was a constant reminder of that. And she was in no state to deal with a relationship haunted by ghosts. Demons. So Tenten said to to the thought, a rejection that Naruto seemed to take fairly well. With his tradmark Uzumaki smile as he continued to fumble with his oil painting.

Life went on and the two continued their harmonious friendship... until one mistake on Tenten's part altered everything and ultimately caused their relationship to become what it is today.

Their last year of high school, someone broke Tenten's heart. In the worse way possible. And when Naruto found out, what had happened, he had taken it upon himself to exact revenge. Out of protectiveness. Out of anger. Out of some other need to punish the man that Naruto was not going to openly admit to, it did not matter. Because the moment she had found him on the steps of the dorms, nothing but Naruto mattered. Although impulsive and overall idiotic, it was this act of selflessness that ultimately gave Naruto that special place in Tenten's heart. And it was this one act that became the foundation of what their friendship is today.

Inuzuka Kiba [[info]howlatthemoon] - It is a little more difficult for Tenten to remember her first meeting with Kiba, only recalling that it was through their mutual friendship with Naruto that the two became acquainted with each other. However, much in a similar manner with the blond, both Kiba and Tenten fell into an easy repertoire that was more playful and a lot more rewarding than most not to mention competitive. This time over sports: Kiba with soccer, and Tenten with volleyball.

He was a young man that enjoyed his fun and she was a young woman who enjoyed a challenge. So it was no surprise to either that she was capable of keeping up with his flirtatious nature. Often times Sometimes even beating him at his own game. Although the one and only time Tenten was willing to admit total and complete defeat concerned an incident in which she came across a naked Kiba walking freely about the boy's floor of the dormitory without shame or embarrassment. But considering the... nice view, the young girl felt that everyone was a winner during that encounter.

In the end, though, it was not his impressive competitive drive, charming personality, playful disposition, or his physical prowess both on the field and off that ultimately drew her into his circle of friends. But his chivalrous nature, particularly in how protective he had seemed of Naruto, disposing the blond of harassers and bullies who saw it fit to pick on the young Uzumaki for one reason or another. It was somewhat reminiscent of her own childhood spent protecting those who were unable or unwilling to defend themselves. One boy in particular [ See Lee Entry. ]. And for that reason, a certain fondness developed for the Inuzuka boy. A sentiment that was finally reciprocated when the girl scrambled to plan a last minute party for Naruto's first birthday at the institute. To do so much for someone she hardly knew, for a person who was very important to Kiba. How could they not become friends?

And thus the seemingly self-imposed tripod was completed.

Although their relationship was not as close as the one she had with Naruto, it was pretty darn close. After all, Tenten was not willing to constantly post up bail money for just anyone. Though few and far in between, she kept things from him, yes. Most profoundly, what happened between Naruto and Yamaki after he found out what the bastard had done to her. More out of Kiba's own good than anything else, the two had decided to keep that bit a secret for a time. Yamaki's first mistake had been to hurt Tenten, and in a bad way. That would have rendered the same sort of reaction that had it had prompted in the blond. But Yamaki had also attacked Naruto. Separately, the two incidents would have incited a need for retaliation. Together, there was no doubt in either one of their minds that Kiba would have resorted to murder.

Years after, when the threat of homicide and prison time was nonexistence, Tenten sat him down and finally told him what really happened. As expected, he was upset at first. But in the end, friendship won out.

Hyuuga Neji [[info]infrawhite] - As far as personal achievements go, she would likely list befriending the proud Hyuuga (when he was less inclined to return the gesture) high in her list. The two met in Kendo after she entered Konoha High Boarding School in Japan. But only after he decided to quit the sport in favor activities better suited to his preferences did a true bond begin to form. And that served as a strong foundation to build upon when his world was turned by an incident with one Uzumaki Naruto. Time has only strengthen their bonds since then, and although he would never willingly admit to it, he has become as much a part of her family (along with Lee and Gai) as she has become apart of his.

Needless to say, the reluctance for friendship was mutual for both parties involved in the beginning. Neji had viewed her as being merely another girl intent on signing up for classes with the best crop of good looking young men for her own entertainment (in this case, Kendo). Tenten had saw him as nothing more than a privileged and arrogant egotist. Just another guy who would underview her value simply because she held an X chromosome.

It was good fortune and a bit of irony that they were both very wrong about each other (although Tenten will admit to having a brief schoolgirl crush on Neji... for at least a month).

The road to friendship was shaky, as were most involving the young Hyuuga. But whether either one wanted to believe it or not, they brought out the best in each other as far as the sport was concerned. Their competitive natures and the need to prove themselves ultimately made for a good show. And good reason for respect, at least from Tenten's stand point. And on some level, that equaled out to an unspoken friendship deep down in some dark corner of their hearts. Something that had not been given a chance to cultivate until one Uzumaki Naruto took it upon himself to knock some sense into Neji's mindset of life being dictated by Fate and Destiny. Which prompted him to reevaluate the course of his own existence.

In the end, Neji quit Kendo and took up swimming. But out of some sense of obligation (and a little friendly nudge from her) he continued to support Tenten in her endeavors by coming to her competitions and sporting events.

Granted, she is not his closest friend to date. But she is proud to be counted among the small circle of companions that he has deemed fit to surround himself with.

Rock Lee [[info]youth_ftw] - Reunited, and it feels so good~ There have been a lot of lost years between these two. But when it comes down to it, Lee was the first real friend Tenten had ever made. After moving to Japan and taking up piano lessons as well as the little odd jobs that Suzume-san gave her to do in order to pay for the lessons, she had not been able to find someone her age, both in her neighborhood or in her apartment building. So it was with a bit of excitement that Tenten eagerly started attending primary school at the young age of five. Which was the first day that she came across Lee.

He was... awkward and strange, at best. Anything but normal, but at the same time, still very interesting to her young mind. At the time, Tenten was still struggling with the language, switching from the Sichuanese language of her hometown of Cheungdu to the Japanese. And so there were not many in her class or her school who were willing or patient enough to deal with the small language barrier there. However, a week later, the little girl found herself in possession of what looked to be a hand-made friendship card. Presented to her by none other than an enthused Rock Lee.

As time passed, the two came to realize that they both were outcasts of sorts. But it was Lee who became the main target for the bullies. Because he was different. For being strange. For having older parents. There were a thousand reasons, none of them which made any sense to Tenten. And she made sure they knew her opinion on the matter. In retrospect, Tenten's retaliation on Lee's behalf only did well to double his troubles. But Lee saw that her heart was in the right place and so did not hold it against her.

For the years that followed, the two became inseparable. The best of friends, or as good friends as two young children were able to be. That is, until she had been forced to move back to China after the death of her family. And for a decade, Tenten never saw Lee again. There were a few times in high school, when she returned to Japan that she thought she saw a figure who looked similar to the young boy of her childhood. But the image or ghost of a face was always in gone the next instance.

Now that they have been reunited, Tenten suspects it will not be exactly how it was ten years ago. But their growing maturity and harmonious personalities, there's no doubt in her mind that things will be even better than before.

Aburame Shino [[info]strongsilentype] - Geeks out together in adorkable fashion. To say that the two have not known each other for long would be an understatement. So it is understandable that there would not be that much history between them. It was only by chance that she came across his journal, following link after link until she came across a young man talking of life lessons and tea. But despite the randomness of that, the two appeared to get along fairly well. And in the few occasions that they have been able to meet up afterwards, by chance or with prior planning, the two have continued the fairly excellent repertoire. Something Tenten likes to think of with a little bit of fondness, especially with what she has been able to gather about the other's general personality and tendencies.

Due to how gentle and sweet he is when interacting with Itoshii, Tenten already has a soft spot in her heart for Shino and will often times find reason for him to spend time with the kitten. If not for his sake then for Itoshii's and probably for Tenten's entertainment too. Because there are very few people that Itoshii willingly befriends (the list was at three plus herself before Shino came into the picture), and never so quickly. And that's enough for consideration.

Shino is a lot quieter than a good majority of Tenten's friends. A little more solitary and aloof. And to a certain extent, it is somewhat refreshing to be around someone like that. But, she likes to note, what he does not say in words, he more than makes up in gestures and actions. And slowly, Tenten is learning how to read them in accordance to who and what Shino is. It is a slow and careful process, but she likes to view herself patient enough to figure things out.

But their interactions are always easy and comfortable, something that always seems to shock her a bit when the realization set in due to how new and budding their friendship still is. More often than not, Tenten has to remind herself that they have only known each other for a few months despite how far and fast they have progressed in such a short amount of time. Although, that is not to say that she views it in a negative light. It is simply something new and different that she has yet to adjust to. However, with each new conversation and each new encounter, she is learning more and more about the quiet young man and finding that she is rather fond of the person that resides underneath the mysterious shell.

Haruno Sakura [[info]goodwithscalpel] - There... really isn't that much history between the two. They most likely only have known each other for about a year if even that much. It was only through their mutual friendship with Naruto that the girls even met in the first place, although, that is not to say that they do not have things in common. The first among a few is their shared fondness for Final Fantasy VII. Needless to say, it was a major bonding point that probably provided hours of discussion. And in her book, anyone ok with FF7 is ok by her.

As far as Tenten is concerned, Sakura is a good girl. Very nice and... Well. A bit tragic, for lack of a better word. Especially when it comes to the relationship she has with her parents. But Tenten understands the cultural traditions that, in a sense, hold back Sakura's need for change in her life. From what Tenten knows and remembers of both Chinese and Japanese cultures, it is generally frowned upon to defy your elders. And while Sakura's parents might view their actions as being beneficial for their daughter's interest, Tenten has only seen them to be closed minded and restricting to Sakura's own wants.

It is with that thought in mind that Tenten tries to be a little bit more supportive towards Sakura and her endeavors, acting somewhat as a big sister of sorts if need be. That is, if Sakura doesn't mind it too much~ Just call me Aneki.

Yamanaka Ino [[info]verdure] - The two crossed paths early on in their college careers. Tenten was signed up to do accompaniment for the university's fall production of 'Little Shop of Horrors.' Ino had been cast for the role of Audrey in that production. This equated to long hours of rehearsals and production time. Which led to plenty of time for the girls to hang out, get on each other's nerves, and ultimately become friends (somehow). They particularly bonded over their shared interest in keeping Shikamaru's misogynistic tendencies in check, although the fact that they both rather enjoy theatre helped as well.

Since then, the girls have worked together in a number of productions both for the university and for local productions, Tenten, often times recommending Ino for a part she's doing accompaniment for, or Ino recommending Tenten for music in plays she's reading for.

It still comes as a surprise that the two girls can manage to get along as well as they do, at least from Tenten's viewpoint. Especially when it seems as if they are complete opposites in both personality and demeanor. But as she has learned over the years, some things just simply cannot be explained. And Tenten is certainly not going to start trying.

Nara Shikamaru [[info]haecceity] - Pain in the ass. ...Yeah, I'm leaving it like that. 8)

Hyuuga Hinata [[info]shyingviolet] -

Uchiha Itachi [[info]silentlucidity] -

Rin [[info]wayofthebow] - For the most part, theirs is mostly a teacher-student relationship with common interests in kyuudo connecting them. However, when taking consideration the comfortable atmosphere that surrounded their first meeting, it would not be all that surprising if her sensei slowly became part of her family away from home as well.

Itoshii Fishcake - Scottish Fold kitten she found in the back alley behind her apartment building during a storm. Named by Naruto and nursed back to health, she seems more than content under Tenten's care.

Missing from the list? Means she either doesn't care, or doesn't know you well enough to pass judgment.

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2009-08-18 08:26 pm UTC (link)

Since we didn't really discuss much before in the way of history, HOW ABOUT DISCUSSING NOW? 8) I'd really like for Tenten and Ino to know each other already, if only in the spirit of making my life easier--maybe they shared a few GE classes their freshman year, and have been pretty good friends since? That kind of thing. Tenten calls Ino when she needs a good party to go to, Ino calls Tenten when she needs shit done for the student council--I mean, when she needs Girl Talk. When they both need Girl Talk.

IDK. Whatever is best for you. :] Let me know!

(Reply to this)(Thread)

2009-08-19 12:07 am UTC (link)

Actually, since Ino's majoring in drama and in the drama club, their connection could be a lot simpler than that. When the comm was still on LJ, I had it set up so that Tenten occasionally plays piano for theatre/school productions... when music was required, anyways. That could be how they met way back when Freshman year.

And of course, they could call each other to plot about bringing misery to Shika's life just do the girl thing~ Or whatever comes up. ^^

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-08-19 01:53 am UTC (link)
oh ho ho that's a lot easier! I like it. :>

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-08-19 02:52 am UTC (link)
The two crossed paths early on in their college careers, in the university's fall production of 'Picasso at the Lapin Agile' [feel free to change, Ino-mun] where it was Tenten's job to play the piano accompaniments for the play. And it was during the countless rehearsals and the run of the play that the girls became friends, particularly bonding over their shared interest in keeping Shikamaru's misogynistic tendencies in check.

How does that sound?

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-08-19 04:55 am UTC (link)
Sounds good to me!

omggggg a girlfriend. Can Ino braid your hair, bb? :D

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-08-19 05:17 am UTC (link)
Lol, well, Sakura would've been a girlfriend too, I'm sure... when Cella got back from her hiatus. ^^;

Um... sure?

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2009-10-27 12:58 am UTC (link)
how you betray me i see this now

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2009-10-27 12:57 am UTC (link)

(Reply to this)(Thread)

2009-10-27 01:04 am UTC (link)
...Yes, I brought Aneki back. Because it was cute and I missed my Imouto. ;~; plus we have the Nana thing to back it up now~

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-10-27 01:06 am UTC (link)
in my defence, she's not Hachi, gdit. D: she's stronger. stronger, i say

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-10-27 01:29 am UTC (link)
...And Tenten's not Nana. She... doesn't have relationship problems doesn't have anger issues isn't scary ...isn't in a band.

...Ok. So she might be Nana. Just a little.

(Reply to this)(Parent)

2009-11-22 05:12 pm UTC (link)
Excuse me while I fall over from how cute that is.

(Reply to this)(Thread)

2009-11-22 05:16 pm UTC (link)
Cute is what they are. I cannot... I just... It could not be contained. Not that I'm complaining about it. Not one bit. ♥

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-11-22 05:20 pm UTC (link)
Fair enough. Someday I'll update Shino's list to reflect that.

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-11-22 05:22 pm UTC (link)
Mmm, take your time. I don't think anyone reads those things once they disappear from their flist anyways.

...Except for me on occasion when I get curious and wonder if people actually update theirs. ^^;

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-11-22 05:24 pm UTC (link)
It's hard to remember to. Except when people like you get epic and remind us.

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-11-22 05:28 pm UTC (link)
The blanks glare at me in the face like burning so I look at it often. Which leaves room to keep adding on when new developments come around. >___>;

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-11-22 05:31 pm UTC (link)
Fair enough~~~

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-11-22 05:34 pm UTC (link)
... *has nothing to say, just wanted to give the kissing icon it's twin*

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-11-22 05:34 pm UTC (link)

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-11-22 05:37 pm UTC (link)

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