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August 17th, 2008

The world, through Morgan's eyes

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August 16th, 2008

Happy hour, DRM status, non-existent weekend plans, etc.

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Sometimes I'd rather be behind a monitor, figuring out the internal mechanisms of Microsoft Windows but... today, I enjoyed a happy hour with some co-workers. Had a few drinks, hit some pool, and watched some jailbait Olympic action too. Happy hours are good temporary distractions for how boring and uneventful your life may be, trust me on that one.

I dicked around with Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Media Center in VMware, but it started complaining about missing files, components, etc. I think it's really just bitching because VMware can't emulate or provide pass-through for complex graphic operations (like displaying video). I'll disassemble it later and figure it out but in the mean time I'm going to try some alternate approaches tomorrow while [info]morgan and [info]jimmy fix up (read: explode) their Scribbld network! Maybe I'll just copy the raw WMV files and let Media Player handling licensing? We'll see.

Other than the above, I don't have plans on the weekend -- don't usually do anyway. I'll hang out indoors, catch up on sleep, work on the above, and probably play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. until I get dizzy, due to the headbob effects, to keep occupied. There's nothing around here I'd venture outdoors for and I'm not the go-to-the-bar-and-try-to-pick-up-a-girl type.

Oh, and Tom @ Neowin shot me a note stating Windows Media Center "Fiji" leaked onto the Internet. Raise your hand if you give a shit! I didn't think so. Screw Windows Media Center, I'm waiting for my Popcorn Hour device to arrive so I can connect it to my HP MediaSmart NAS! >> http://www.popcornhour.com/ <<

Bed now.

Note to self: Need a picture of myself for magazine interview asap, grrr.

August 15th, 2008

IT and email hell, weekend news, work work work

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This morning, I fired up Outlook 2007 (I prefer Thunderbird but that's another story) and started going through my seventeen billion non-spam emails. While replying to a customer, I received this error.

Oh okay. Thanks Microsoft. I'll go looking for the dialog now, k?

Microsoft software tends to amaze me sometimes. To be fair, I did find the dialog. It was the dialog asking for my PIN to authenticate with my common access card (CAC) but shesh. As a developer, I find this shit embarrassing.

So in other news... [info]morgan and I woke up late. It's funny because I woke up and felt as if I was up until 3am drinking and talking shit... well upon reflection I guess we did, minus the drinking... I am on a mission today to unDRM a bunch of Olympic coverage, we'll see how that goes.

Manager is annoying me today with his 25098230948524 questions. Usually it's limited to about 500, but today it's annonyingly excessive. Not sure why, but I think one day I'm going to bring a flash grenade into the office...

Play > Work, VBscript sucks #1

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At work, I've been assigned to a project that requires me to wake up in the morning, come into work, work on WSF security scripts, then go home. Did you know VBscript doesn't have a simple fucking ternary operator?

C/C++ Example: raf == 1337 ? yes : no
Shitty VBscript Example: If raf = 1337 Then yes Else no

/slaps VBscript

Thankfully, today I spent most of the day jabbering and laughing my ass off (literally?) with Mac-geek [info]morgan. Despite being a complete opposite, in terms of Fortune 500 company loyalty (Apple vs. Microsoft), she's awesomelicious! Fuck you, it is too a word.

Met up with the How-To Geek for dinner today, had a nice chat about how Chris Pirillo is a moron and how we'll rule the world (one day), if we don't destroy it first with our oil drilling and discarded bubble gum.

Tomorrow will be happy hour day with some folks in the office at the local pool hall. The tables and cue sticks suck majorly there, but it's fun for a while. Note to self: I must remember to get money from the bank as my credit card is acting wonky.
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